Hearing Aide: Mistar Anderson ‘Mistar Anderson’

Mistar Anderson, a Columbus, Ohio based ensemble, have released their self-titled album, which is currently available for streaming and for purchase. The vinyl, though not yet obtainable, will be up for grabs within the coming weeks.

mistar andersonThe group was founded in 2012 by Andre Walker (drummer) and Eric Rollin (vocalist). As a larger ensemble, the musicians within the group change from time to time. However, Walker and Rollin are the two members that have remained a constant over the years. Guitarist Ryan Sullivan, trombonist Elaine Mylius, and saxophonist Jon Weisbrot are featured within the current line-up, as well. Though Mistar Anderson started as a cover band, the group has expanded throughout the years and has begun to release their own songs, all of which hold a unique sound.

The album Mistar Anderson contains a total of 10 tracks, each of the tunes varying in length. “Alley Talk,” the 5th tune on the album, starts with an interesting melodic marriage between Rollin’s vocals and a groovy line played on the the flute. Rollin’s deep, raspy voice is brought to a short stop as the tune transitions. His sound is then presented in a different light through rap verses. This track teeters from short bars and back to the experimental hook introduced in the beginning, making the song a unique listening experience. The track gets a bit repetitive over the span of four minutes, without many new elements introduced aside from the hip-hop flair.

“Need Love,” the 3rd song on the album, contains a deeper tone quality, the rich sound driven by a strong bass line and lightened up by the funky twang of guitar. Rollin can be heard singing the hook and rapping the verses on this track, similar to “Alley Talk.”

This group combines funky jazz sounds with hip-hop elements, creating a style that is uniquely their own, and it shines through on this album. They have experience with performing live shows, having performed over 100 as a group to date. The members seem comfortable on stage, interacting with the audience to a degree, front man Rollin animated as he moves around the stage whilst the band plays, as seen in a clip below. They are a different listen, and it seems that they are a unique group to see live, as well. If you’re on the look out for a new type of sound to incorporate into your music library, then give Mistar Anderson a listen.

Key Tracks: Need Love, Pure Bliss, Para Mi Brotha B

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