Sly Fox and the Hustlers release video for ‘Smooth’

Sly Fox and the Hustlers have released the video for “Smooth,” off the group’s most recent studio album American Gypsy. The video was filmed at Putnam Den in Saratoga Springs, prior to recent remodeling of the cozy, worn in, rock club. With renovations now complete, the video now serves as a piece of nostalgia towards the ‘old’ Den. 

Sly Fox spoke with NYS Music about the video. “The concept for the ‘Smooth’ video is a grifter girl sneaking into the club and hustling a few of the regulars at a pool game and a few drinks at the bar. She then sets her sights on the door man and more importantly the door money bag after she sees him counting the money. She then tries to put some moves on him with the hopes of making off with the cash. If you want to know if she succeeds you will have to watch the video!”

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