Lespectacle VII: Happy Hallo-CHEEN…


For the past six years during the Autumnal Equinox in late September, what has been described by hosing band Lespecial as a “Pagan inspired multi-media mini-fest” has taken place.  After making its rounds at various venues in both Boston and New York, Lespectical 7 landed at one of the top music clubs in the country, Brooklyn Bowl (Rolling Stone ranked the venue 2oth in the nation in 2013). This year the “psychedelic, haunted circus” not only featured stage design provided by The Reliquarium, a multi-media light and visual show from Vin Pugliese, and was boasting the best lineup of musical acts the mini-fest has seen yet, it was also moved to be held on October, 31… Halloween night. Oh, and did I mention Lespecial would be taking the opportunity to release their second studio album, Cheen? Trick or Treat Lespecialists… Happy Hallo-CHEEN!


Supporting acts included Dallas’s “The Funky Knuckles,” New York’s own Horizon Wireless, as well as a set from Oakland California’s legendary hip-hop act Zion I with non other than your hosts Lespecial as the backing band. That collaboration first came about with a set at The Great North Music Festival. After working with Zion I, Lespecial decided to feature the MC on the 4th track of the new album titled “Sound That We Do.”  The set at Lespectacle 7 was the second time the cross-genre on-stage collaboration took place. Luke Bemand’s heavy bass and Jonathan Grusauskas’ sampled sounds and synth-scapes lend themselves well to the prolific word flow Zion I has been bringing to the stage since the early 2000’s.     


As for the new sophomore studio album, Cheen, we find a band unafraid to challenge the concepts of traditional genres. They have taken a step further in refining their style by not adhering to the preconceived notions of what that style should be. In fact there is hardly a genre this album doesn’t touch. They have become known for their metal/funk mash up sound on tracks like “Skull Kid” featuring samples of Jack Nicholson as the  Joker in the Tim Burton’s 1989 film Batman, and the Primus-esque “American Apocalypse”  However the track “Stolen Land” brings in a roots-rock/dub sound, and tracks like “Sounds That We Do” and “Donut Ghost House I” and “Donut Ghost House II” bring a hip-hop sound to the album. It’s as if someone said “It’s all been done before” and Lepecial said “Then let’s just do it all.” Spotify player below.                                                   

Photo Gallery By Chris Capaci/CapacityImages

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