We Can’t Allow Fear to Ruin Our Live Music Experience

We’re so tired of our senseless fight

The one thing we can all do right

Is come together

—    Trey Anastasio

I’m not even sure where to begin; my mind is spinning out of control trying to wrap itself around the news of yet another massive tragedy on American soil.

The headlines read something like “50 Dead, More Than 200 Injured in Las Vegas Mass Shooting,” and I still cannot process this. A 64-year old man from the 32nd floor of a resort hotel mowed down concertgoers attending a performance by country music superstar Jason Aldean.

Human beings who went out to smile, dance and engage with like minded people were destroyed with clicks of a trigger.

This is not OK.

In fact, as I sit here at my desk with tears streaming down my face, all I can envision is being in that field, bobbing my head in tune with the melody, only to have that moment  of zen blown up and turned into a bloody mess of fear, terror and horror.

Music is a unifying force in our world. Since the dawn of time, humans have trekked all over the world to enjoy to take in one of the oldest and most pure forms of art. Its subjectivity is what makes it so unique and uncanny; whatever music you love, it’s the best, and no one can take that from you.

This guy has now taken that elation away from so many. But unfortunately, I view this act of terror as one that will ultimately lead to all sorts of arguments on gun control and all that comes along with it.

I’m not talking about any of that here. I am talking about not allowing a monster to instill fear into people, and thus making people all over question whether to attend the concert they have tickets to next Friday night. We escape the mundane when we go to a show.

We leave our problems at the office, the stress of daily life at home, when we go out and dance.

Yet, now people are growing wary and scared of going into large crowds because a coward of a man destroyed the lives of so many.

What used to be a unifying force — music — is now linked to what is creating a divide, and I am here to tell you that we must fight that with all our might, will and passion.

Always be vigilant when in public. Take note of things that seem out of place. Try to keep things safe in whatever way you can.

But don’t you dare skip that concert. Don’t throw away your tickets and definitely don’t stop seeing your favorite music live.

If you do allow the fear to take over your ways, you allow people like this man to win.

Take a stand. Go buy concert tickets. Enjoy the show.

Be part of overcoming terror, and not succumbing to what those horrendous people want.

We need to rise up and come together.

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