Hearing Aide: Ocular Panther ‘Insistences’

Ocular Panther, a prog rock band hailing from Rochester, NY, recently released their new album Insistences. With interesting chord progressions and guitar riffs, each song has a new, fresh sound that is easily distinct from the rest. Each track has an extremely full sound through the harmonies of each instrument, giving way to one large, almost orchestral sound. The band consists of members Jason Gilly (bass), Michael Pantano (guitar/programming), Collin Jones (guitar), and Tristan Greene (Drums).

The largest thing that sticks out is the repetition of the beginning riffs. Everything starts out simple and gradually builds almost to the point of being out of  control but is as chaotic as can be while remaining clean. In “Protactinium” the basis of the whole song stems from the beginning guitar riff, which is gradually added on to with accents from other instruments, leading up to a finale ripping guitar solo and finally ending with a sudden halt amidst all the disarray while avoiding a sloppy finish.

The final track “Ellipses” is easily the most avant garde of the whole album. Filled with white noise and other sounds indicative of outer space, the title of the track is a message that there is a lot more to come from this band.  So, prog rock fans get ready, because Ocular Panther isn’t finished yet!

Key Tracks: Protactinium, Marking Houses, Ellipses

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