Nights Of Fire: A Conscious Evolution Festival Preview

It is officially time to prepare for this year’s Nights Of Fire: A Conscious Evolution festival.  Hosted by Spun Out Productions, the annual music festival kicks off on Thursday, August 17, and runs through the morning of Monday, August 21.  Located at The Woods at Bear Creek, a “glamping”–glamorous camping–ground in Franklinville, NY, Nights of Fire will offer it’s patrons an educational exploration through fire dancing, art, live music, and workshops.

As  eloquently described on the Nights Of Fire Event PageNights Of Fire is a FIRE, Art, Music, & EDUCATIONAL RETREAT. We invite all likeminded individuals and those who seek to learn and do more to improve themselves and the world around US. NIGHTS OF FIRE is an educational retreat where YOU can come study many different forms of FIRE SPINNING, FLOW, DANCE, DRUMMING, PAINTING and much more. Evolve with us at night as we will teach you how to celebrate life and simply being alive through song and dance with live music.”

Pre-sales for the festival are no longer online, however, you can pick up a $75 ticket thru a ticket rep, or grab one for $100 at the gate! The ticket includes camping and parking.

Take a peek below and click the play button. You’ll find a Rochester Groovecast podcast episode. This episode is a preview of the upcoming Nights Of Fire Music Festival.  During the episode, you’ll listen to Roots of Creation, Freekbass, The Mantras, Madam Bliss, Dixon’s Violin, Stereo Nest, Subsoil, Space Junk, Haewa, and  Flux Capacitor.  All of these artists are performing at this year’s Nights Of Fire Music Festival.

If you peek even farther below, you’ll find an episode timestamp, and Nights Of Fire’s daily schedule.


00:00: Roots Of Creation- Different
04:12: Episode Introduction
09:56: Roots Of Creation- Row Jimmy
15:23: Freekbass– Put It In A Letter
18:42: Freekbass- Milkhunt
23:25: The Mantras- Here We Go
29:27: The Mantras- Dirt Nap
35:26: Madam Bliss Remix- Notorious BIG “Dead Wrong”
39:15: Madam Bliss Remix- Erykah Badu “On And On”
44:10: Dixon’s Violin- Ignition (Correction! Jade Dragon is the album name)!
46:31: Dixon’s Violin- Night Spirit
50:56: Stereo Nest- Gradient Peak
55:03: Stereo Nest- Elder Ladder
59:39: Subsoil- Joe Rogan
1:03:24: Subsoil- Great Unknown
1:07:34: Space Junk- Ascension
1:14:31: Haewa- Chem De-Vision
1:18:15: Haewa- Swampin’
1:23:35: Episode Closing Comments
1:26:46: Flux Capacitor- Big Bad
1:36:29: Flux Capacitor- Unit

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