Boston Dream Pie: Phish’s Baker’s Dozen hits Night 12

With 11 nights down and only 4 sets left, Phish still had not repeated a song at their Baker’s Dozen run of 13 shows at Madison Square Garden. 198 songs in 11 nights is no small feat but Phish stepped up to the plate for the penultimate show of their residency.

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Saturday proved to be an even harder ticket than the night before. The last show with a weekend day following wasn’t going to be easy to get in if you didn’t secure tickets in advance and especially not for this end to the Baker’s run of shows

“Soul Shakedown Party” got the night off to a groovy start, before “Uncle Pen” and “The Sloth” got the rowdy crowd even more fired up.

“Gotta Jibboo” provided the first bout of improv of the night, stretching past 12 minutes of Trey-led bliss. Just when you thought the song would wind down, Trey began hitting new licks and taking the song, while within its typical structure, beyond the scope of its typical role.

“Fuck Your Face” was standard, with Mike having a bit of a lyrical gaffe midway through, before Phish decided to mash up Boston and Cream songs for an epic medley. “Sunshine of Your Feeling” began with Cream’s “Sunshine of Your Love,” before the band began dropped suddenly and seamlessly into Boston’s “More Than a Feeling” to which the crowd erupted in shock and awe. “Foreplay/Longtime,” “Tales of Brave Ulysses” and “The White Room” all were woven into the Boston/Cream mashup that the band admitted right after, that they had been waiting 20 years to play, and tongue-in-cheek, the genesis for the Baker’s Dozen concept. 

The Trey ballad “Frost” then gave way to a super fun and danceable “Scent of a Mule,” which saw Mike and Page extend the Mule Duel portion longer than usual but without Trey taking to the Marimba Lumina. Jimi Hendrix’s “Fire,” “Alaska” and Trey Anastasio Band tune “Plasma” rounded out the first set, with the closer featuring a slowed down funk jam that built to a nice peak.

“Ghost” opened the second set, and will undeniably go down as a must hear jam from the Baker’s Dozen. After a bliss jam, the band turned the keys to Trey, who brought the song to a soaring peak, complete with one of the more creative light shows Chris Kuroda has put on this run. The feeling was all happiness and smiles.

“Petrichor,” the song Phish rang in 2017 with at MSG, took over, for a straightforward and well executed version. “Light” featured a nice, relaxing jam, before the band started the opening notes of “The Lizards.” Every fan in attendance turned their attention to the stage as Phish ran through one of their most beloved songs, singing in unison.

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“The Horse”>”Silent in the Morning” had a fun segue into “Quinn the Eskimo,” before the set closed with the ever energetic “Rocky Top.”

After all that energy, Phish came on and played “Joy” for the encore, which elicited a few groans, but as the band delved deeper, it became apparent that they were thanking the fans for being a part of this unique and intimate part of Phish history.

Let’s see what tonight brings!

Setlist via

Set 1: Soul Shakedown Party, Uncle Pen, The Sloth, Gotta Jibboo, Fuck Your Face, Sunshine of Your Feeling[1], Frost, Scent of a Mule, Fire,Alaska, Plasma

Set 2: Ghost, Petrichor, Light > The Lizards, The Horse > Silent in the Morning > Quinn the Eskimo > Rocky Top

Encore: Joy

[1] Debut

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