Godsmack Frontman Backpedals On 20th Anniversay Plans

In a recent interview with Nivens from Kansas City rock radio station 98.9 The Rock, Godsmack frontman, Sully Erna, talks about working on the band’s seventh studio album, when fans can expect to hear new music from the new album, and back pedals a bit on his past comments regarding Godsmack’s plans to celebrate band’s 20th anniversary in 2018.

After asking Erna if his statement about working on a new album was legit, Nivens asked when fans can expect new music from the band. Erna replied: “I’ve been working on it all year. Everyone’s been writing. That’s our main focus again right now – getting a new record out. Definitely next year. We’re gonna try to time this so we can drop the single right at the beginning of the year, January, and maybe drop the record by first week in April at the latest.”

Blabbermouth reports that in a recent interview with Wisconsin radio station 93X, Erna back tracked on previous comments about the bands plans to tour and perform the bands self titled 1998 debut album in it’s entirety to celebrate the bands 20th anniversary. Erna stated: “We don’t know that yet. That’s been circulating, ’cause I opened my mouth a little bit soon, but as we get deeper into writing this new record, that may change. So we’re not making any promises on that yet.”

In March, Erna told Houston radio station 94.5 what Godsmacks original plans were. Erna stated: “We’re gonna do a massive production. We’re gonna kind of base it around the theme of the first record. We’re even talking about coming out and doing the first record front to back to open the show.”

Erna added the reason why the band has held off writng the new album until recently. Erna commented: “We wanted to do something this year, but we were just, like, ‘You know, let’s just wait another second, because if we release this at the top of 2018, it will be our 20th-year anniversary of the first record, and we wanna do something special.”

Erna then added: “I have to write a really great record for us, and that’s the tough part.”

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