Fyre Festival Hits New Low, Considers Suing Festival Goers

Since Ja Rule’s cultural moment of music, art and food, known as the Fyre Festival  announced its last minute cancellation, organizers have been slapped with a $100 million lawsuit. The class action lawsuit was filed by on behalf of Danial Jung, a festival-goer who purchased a $2000 ticket, and fans purchasing tickets costing $10,000 each, not including travel expenses to the Bahamas.

The Fyre Festival didn’t provide a specific reason for the cancellation other than a brief statement on social media that referred to “unforeseen extenuating circumstances.”

No word as to how many fans were affected by the cancellation, but current estimates have the pending lawsuit, with over 1,000 inquiries, rumored to reach near the $100 million range. The suit claims fraud, breach of covenant of good faith, breach of contract, and negligent misrepresentation. Celebrity lawyer, Mark Geragos, is heading the case while another attorney, Ben Meiselas, posted the following statement on social media:

Fyre Festival and it’s promoters recklessly stranded thousands of consumers in a festival of horror, and cost them thousands of dollars on travel, lodging, and time off from work.

Through this Federal Class Action we will make sure to hold Fyre — and all those who recklessly and blindly promoted the festival — accountable to make sure all consumers receive not only a ticket refund but also 100 percent reimbursement for travel, lodging, time off from work, and any other incidental and consequential damages.

Some festival-goers thought they were going to party with the likes of super models Bella Hadid, Angel Elsa Hosk, Rose Bertram and Emily Ratajkowski, among other celebrities. Fans were also promised, as part of their experience, yachts, luxury cabanas, and celebrity chef catering to go along with great live music. What fans received instead was a last second cancellation with no explanation, resulting in many stranded without flights back home.

Fans stranded at airports suffered water shortages, while multiple attendees had their luggage lost. The luxury cabanas resembled a refugee/disaster relief camp, while the celebrity chef cuisine was more like a cheap school lunch with two slices of bread, two slices of cheese, and small amount of salad inside a styrofoam container.

In a bit of a nervy twist, the Fyre Festival is now considering suing fans, who took to social media posting their displeasure and pictures of what was going on. Fyre Festival lawyers sent one attendee a cease and desist order after he posted that the grounds looked like a refugee camp. The festival’s lawyers statement said that comparing the conditions to a refugee camp could “incite violence, rioting or civil unrest. If someone innocent does get hurt as a result [of your postings] Fyre festival will hold you accountable and responsible…Inciting violence crosses the line.”

Vanity Fair has reported that questions have been raised about the motives the festival organizers had as the pitch for the festival was leaked. It points out that the festival was given $8.4 million of “market value” land on Black Point, Exuma in exchange for hosting the festival and advertising the island.

Co-founder of the festival, Ja Rule, posted on social media in caps that the events were “NOT MY FAULT.” Fyre’s other co-founder and C.E.O, Billy McFarland, said it was the worst day of his life.

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