Everyone Leaves, Fossil Youth, and Pine Bring Indie Road Show to Rochester

An eleventh hour scheduling change brought alt rock bands Everyone Leaves, Fossil Youth and Pine to Rochester, on the final weekend of their tour, to the delight of local fans. Everyone Leaves and Fossil Youth are standouts among the indie acts emerging from America’s heartland. Canadian band Pine joined them for the northeastern leg of their journey. Despite the last-minute notice and the bitter cold weather, the show drew in a crowd at Vineyard Community Space.


Local singer-songwriter Rosehip warmed up the crowd with her soft, sweet voice and finger-picked melodies. Female-fronted Pine took to the stage area next. Dreamy melodies created a backdrop for sad songs about writing letters to ghosts and a long lost father. Between a couple of songs, lead singer Darlene Deschamps commented on the Rochester weather – and this is a band from Ottawa who knows what cold is!

Fossil Youth

Fossil Youth picked up the pace a bit.  Strong beats and heavy riffs were interspersed with soft melodic interludes. Singer/guitarist Scottie Noonan delivered emotionally charged lyrics with passion and conviction.  The set included songs from their recently released full-length album, A Glimpse of Self Joy, such as “Forest Eyes” and “Late Night Swim.” They also deviated from the set list to accommodate audience requests for songs from their earlier EP, Intertwined with You, including the title track. 

Everyone Leaves

After a quick set change, Everyone Leaves was up. The five-piece band from Columbus, Ohio serves up pop punk featuring multi-part vocals. They performed “Better Love” and other songs from The Lonely End, their latest EP. Given the weather, it was fitting that they also played last winter’s single “Seasonal Affective” which ends with the lines “I won’t let the weather take me/I won’t freeze over again/I won’t let the winter take me/I’ll never hide myself again.”

Local punk trio Tandygrey closed out the night with original garage-band grunge from their someday-to-be-released demo. They’ve played the Vineyard Community Space before and I’m hoping to catch them there again soon.

Nestled in the city’s South Wedge, Monroe Park Vineyard Church graciously offers the bottom half of a converted house for indie artists and performers in order to promote community building and friendship. The communal space is filled with comfortable couches, throw rugs and eclectic decorations, creating a comfy home-like atmosphere.

Throughout the event, band members were readily available to chat, sign autographs and sell merchandise. Music and merchandise are also available online: visit Take This To Heart Records webstore for Fossil Youth and Pine, and Little Heart Records webstore for Everyone Leaves.

For more on Fossil Youth, read the interview by NYS Music.

Photos by Carolyn Ambriano 


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