Hearing Aide: Azure Hiptronics ‘Ignacio’

Ignacio, the fourteen-track, third studio album recorded by Netherlands band, Azure Hiptronics, never leaves a moment for boredom. Jam band style – yes, although generic jam band – not even close. Mixed with large synth, bass, guitar, piano, and drum parts, each track is completely different than the last, incorporating different elements than those expected.

azure hiptronicsIgnacio combines genres and sounds that distinguish Azure Hiptronics from the rest. When listening to the fast paced introduction track, “Thgie Neves,” listeners already know that they have something great in store. Even though it does not take up much time, at nine-seconds, the introduction makes the story start by creating the image of a backwards time-lapse – starting the story from the beginning.

The album tends to roll at a fast pace and then slows down with its various interlude tracks, “Anise Code” and “Interlude.” These pauses create sort of bookmarks that indicate when a new chapter of the story is to begin.

“Airing” and “Saraswati Mantra” split up the story entirely and take listeners to a new place. They separate the past from the future, which allows for a refreshing break in tone from the first half of the album and adds a completely different element to the equation.

Although the chapters that are separated by interludes and pace changes represent different stories, within each section there is not much variation of sound. Yes, there are many levels to this album, however at times it is hard to distinguish one track from the one preceding it. Nevertheless, Ignacio is a must listen for music fans looking for a jam band style with a twist. In any case, this album is sure to take listeners on a journey.

Key Tracks: Work Out Something, Airing, Saraswati Mantra

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