Madeon & Porter Robinson at Orpheum Theater Boston

Wednesday November 9 saw the arrival of the much anticipated Madeon & Porter Robinson Shelter Tour, as the two brought their newly worked duo act to the Orpheum Theatre. Both of these artists pulled their musical minds together to effectively create one back and forth, on your toes concert experience. Alternating between songs, the electronic gurus formulated a set together that was rambunctious, artistically detailed and had the audience fully engaged.


One thing that was immediately catching of the performance was the brilliant lighting and backdrop display. Madeon and Porter Robinson set up on two different stations, surrounded by their computers, keyboards and microphones (singing is something that both have grown to get more comfortable within the live concert setting, although neither were traditionally trained). Behind each artist was a massive screen that alternated between animations to match the intensity of the songs. An additional larger screen displayed the entirety of the backdrop, adding to the immense experience.


Their duo song recorded and inspired for the tour, “Shelter,” proved to be a crowd favorite. Full of surprises the band shot off confetti midway through the set, just to ensure no one in the crowd would be getting the least bit bored. Very loud, fully of energy and not likely to let up on the tempo for long is the way these two make their music. Although at times one could say somewhat overboard on the frequency of bass drops used throughout their set, the act was overall a powerful and all around fun outing for the midweek concert goers.  They prove to go above and beyond to perfect their live experience as a fully immersive one, and for their young age it’s exciting to see what’s to come in the future.

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