Fetty Wap Leaves SU’s Juice Jam Hanging

The beginning of the fall semester is the best time for students at Syracuse University. September is the last month where students can enjoy being outside before the arctic tundra plagues the campus. This is the time when University Union showcases their first major concert: Juice Jam. Juice Jam, with its alliterative citrus allure, is a small festival-like experience for SU/ESF students. Typically held on a Sunday afternoon, Juice Jam is an all-afternoon event that features artists on their main stage and on their indie stage. (Note: The stages are side by side which makes it easy for the crowd to shift for different acts.)  Unlike a major festival, navigating to food trucks, water stations, bathrooms, and auxiliary activities is quite manageable on the Skytop Field.img_7341

The 2016 edition of Juice Jam was this past weekend on Sunday, September 25, and tickets were sold out prior to the show.  The lineup featured Tove Lo, marshmello, D.R.A.M., Stephen, and LOLO. The headliner for the event was supposed to Fetty Wap with Monty. Sadly… there’s no coverage of Fetty Wap from the event. Why? Because Fetty Wap didn’t show up. The rapper was supposedly making his way to Syracuse, but due to “travel delays,” he didn’t make his set. He was supposed to take the stage at 5pm, and an announcement cancelling the event (or at least the rest of it) was made shortly after 5:30pm.  According to The Daily Orange, SU’s campus newspaper, University Union will not be issuing refunds to those at the event.  The decision makes sense because there’s no way to track who went to the event once tickets were collected at the gates, but it’s no surprise many students are a bit heated as a result.  There was a mass exodus for the buses/exit gates post announcement as many were majorly disappointed.

Besides the tragic ending, the day progressed quite smoothly.  The weather was ideal, and the event was extremely organized and well-staffed. Tove Lo did well closing the show, though that was unbeknownst to anyone at the time that she would be last.  Better luck next time!  Looks like Fetty won’t be getting a lot of University love in the near future.