Donna the Buffalo to Perform at Cohoes Music Hall Grand Reopening Weekend

Donna the Buffalo will be performing at the Cohoes Music Hall Grand Reopening Weekend on Sept. 29th, in Cohoes, joined by special guests, the Nellies.


DtB has done over 25 years of extensive touring, attracting a herd of fans that is devoted to following its tribe. Their music is feel-good, accessible, and groove-heavy while elements of cajun/zydeco, rock, folk and country make their sound distinct and memorable, especially when coupled with their beautiful songwriting.

The quintet includes Jeb Puryer (vocals, electronic guitar), Tara Nevins (vocals, guitar, fiddle, accordion, scrubboard), David Nevins (Hammond organ, Honer clavinet, piano), Kyle Spark (bass) and Mark Raudabaugh (drums).

In a press release, Puryer talks of his inspiration:

Rolling off all the great protest songs and the socially conscious music like Bob Marley and the Beatles and Bob Dylan – all of that stuff. So that, to me, is sort of like a tradition to write from; that angle as a way of reflecting on what you feel about the world and how you feel it could be better and getting to a different place as a society. There’s also the strength that comes from music and gives you the feeling like you can change those things and make some progress, and then express some of the particulars about what you’d like to change.

The Cohoes Music Hall is a historic venue that dates back to 1874. It has been closed for over a year after receiving more than $30,000 in city-funded renovations for things like new seating, curtains, a projection system, refinished floors, new lighting, and sound systems, reports.

Albany’s Palace Theater announced back in March that it has signed a three-year contract to help Cohoes Music Hall bring its business back. Officials report that they expect up to 60 performances in the first year following the renovation, and they expect that to double annually during the three-year period.

Tickets for the show can be found on Cohoe’s Music Hall website. For more Donna the Buffalo information and tour dates, please visit the band’s website.