Electric Forest Festival Expanding to Eight Days

Rumors are now fact. Electric Forest has confirmed that the Electric Forest festival in 2017 will expand taking place over two weekends in a Coachella-style format. Electric Forest occurs the weekends of June 22-25 and June 29- July 2 at the Double JJ Ranch in Rothbury, MI, and like previous years, the festival expects to sell out in a matter of a couple of weeks.

Electric Forest 3

Electric Forest updated its website with the big announcement. The statement opened by saying:

After careful and thoughtful consideration, Electric Forest is ready to take an amazing leap into the future. Forest HQ is incredibly excited to announce that Electric Forest 2017 will take place on two distinct and back-to-back weekends at a lower capacity. 

What is lower capacity you ask? Electric Forest states that each crowd will be 10% smaller than in 2016, to meet the demands of the expanding festival. Fans are also asking what each weekend would be like? Electric Forest veterans were left asking themselves if the second weekend would be an exact copy of the first, with the same artist appearing each weekend in the same slots. Electric Forest confirms that even though some artists will perform on each weekend, all eight days will be unique. Electric Forest elaborated more on this with some guidelines on the artists, and other events in a post:

  • There will be some musical artists who will appear on both weekends. However, these artists will perform different sets of music each weekend that take us on a deeper and more diverse journey through their creative explorations.
  • Some musical artists will perform on one weekend only, and some will perform multiple times throughout that weekend, but their performances will not be repeats. Instead, they will perform different sets of music tailored for different times of the day and night.
  • All Electric Forest community programs (such as Plug In and Her Forest) will continue through both weekends
  • There will be unique curated events that will occur on only one weekend. Many of these curated events and themes will be announced along with the initial line up prior to the on sale date of weekend passes.

Lineups for the eight days will be announced before tickets go on sale some time in 2017.