Lakeview Attendees Go Somewhere On A Beach with Dierks Bentley

Pulling up to the parking lot at the Lakeview Amphitheater filled with country fans tailgating and grilling, you could feel the the excitement and fun in the air as they eagerly awaited their chance to go “Somewhere on a Beach” with Dierks Bentley.Lakeview - K. Stockbridge - DSC_4763 copy

As they filed into the dusking lakeside pavilion and claimed their space on the lawn, it didn’t take long for the crowd to take notice Tucker Beathard the flat capped country artist, as he and his “mother tuckers” hit the stage. For those not familiar with him, they quickly made the connection as he sang his current hit “Rock On”,  joining along as they got this party started.

IMG_4764 copy

Cam, this bubbly new country sensation, was the next artist out and her excitement and crowd participation kept the fans dancing and singing, winding the crowd up just a tad bit more. She made a special effort to sing “Happy Birthday” to the ‘gorgeous blond in the front,’ as she called her, making it a night that fan would never forget. As the sun was setting on this blonde firecracker, she sang her hit “Burning House,” a tune that originally captured the attention of the Nashville scene and bringing a light to this sunny entertainer as both a songwriter and entertainer.

Cam - K. Stockbridge -IMG_5103 copy

Randy Houser followed Cam with such a powerful voice that he made the Amphitheater shake with his heartfelt sound. Backed up with one of the best bands in Nashville, Randy and the guys had the crowd singing along to “Like a Cowboy”, “Runnin’ Outta Moonlight”, as well as many of his other chart breaking hits. For those that have never seen Randy Houser, his set is always a crowd pleaser and mind blower.

Randy Houser - K. Stockbridge - IMG_6213 copy

With a quick set change, Dierks Bentley hit the stage to a roar of screaming fans. Dierks and the band brought the show to the fans by joining them out in the crowd, taking the opportunity to move around the amphitheater and making sure the fans were part of the show no matter what seat they bought.  Dierks always brings the party to the stage when he performs, and this show was not short on fun with a night of joking, music, and even fulfilling a kiss request by the boyfriend of a fan. After a lengthy discussion and many jokes, Dierks quietly fulfilled the request by depositing a kiss on her cheek as the lights went out after the song, fulfilling the wish, and keeping his teeth intact.Dirks Bentley - K. Stockbridge - 20160806_221331-2 copy

As the set closed and the encore ensued, the blast of a plane onto the stage shouldn’t have surprised us by that time, as he made his way out in a pilots costume.  Inviting all his friends to join in, this guaranteed the cherry on top of a fun filled evening of country music for all at the Lakeview Amphitheater. Dierks Bentley - K. Stockbridge - 20160806_225828 copy

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