Ameribeat Festival of Art’s 2016: Celebration of American Freedom & Freedom of Expression

Once a year families and friends gather at Sterling Stage Kampitheater, located in Sterling, New York to celebrate American freedom. This freedom was celebrated through music, art and dance. The three-day festival was held June 30 – July 3 and people of all ages joined for a beautiful weekend of love and laughter in a community where artistic expression is encouraged.

There were many arts and crafts available for children to take part in, which included painting, jewelry making, origami and much more, while everyone else enjoyed great music.

The festival featured The Heavy Pets, Sophistafunk, Rootshock, Freekbass, Flux Capacitor, and many more incredible artists such as The Primate Fiasco, who did their annual parade around the festival grounds allowing others to join in on the fun. The Ameribeat Orchestra, which includes Sterling family and alumni, one of which was Jack Brown, lead vocalist of Sophistafunk also took the stage, finishing off the set with a line that echoed through the forest, “Some come to chill, some come to rage, may the four winds blow you to Sterling Stage.”

On that note, make sure you make it to Last Daze of Summer, Labor Day weekend September 1-4, the last festival of the 2016 festival season at Sterling Stage featuring Max Creek two times, Ryan MontbleauFormula 5 and many more to be announced.

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