Ecuadorian Earthquake Benefit at the Parish Public House

The Eden’s Rose Foundation will hold a concert at the Parish Public House in Albany to benefit the victims of the devastating April 16 earthquake that hit Ecuador.


The Eden’s Rose Foundation and Guthrie/Bell Productions present the Ecuadorian Earthquake Victims Relief Concert on Thursday, May 12 at the Parish Public House in Albany. The concert features local funk, electronic and jam/progressive acts Too Much Too Fast, Lord Electro, School Bus Yellow and Ampevene, all from the Albany area.

The Eden’s Rose Foundation is a local nonprofit organization that has been working in coastal Ecuador for nearly a decade providing basic necessities and access to emergency relief aid. On April 16, a 7.8 earthquake hit Ecuador leaving thousands of people displaced from their homes and without access to food, water or medical care. Eden’s Rose has been working to help those affected by the earthquake.

The benefit concert starts at 8 p.m. with doors opening at 7:30. Tickets are available for a $10 minimum donation with all proceeds going to aid the victims of the Ecuadorian earthquake.


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