Hearing Aide: BREN ‘Hot Lunch’

, from Plattsburgh, have just released their debut EP, Hot Lunch. In a world where many will say punk rock is dead or watered down, those skeptics have not heard BREN. BREN is a three piece ensemble that can honestly call their music punk, complete with nasally vocals screaming personal lyrics. Yes, this is fun punk rock and you can dance to it, but to actually sit down and listen to the lyrics being sung and written by Matt Hall, there is a lot more going on and that is what makes this debut album a must-have.

Opening with “Parade”, and the lyric repeating “ There was something there, there was something there! I’m not imagining it.” shows that this punk rocker has a paranoid, more emotional, side to him. This could be ground breaking: a three piece punk band that actually has something personal to say in a punk rock setting. In “If there was something going on.” Hall paints a perfect upstate New York autumn of contemplation and anger. This song is brilliant. But in the 1:28 second rant if you don’t pay attention, the fast paced music will take away from the song’s meaning.

hotlunch-500x500“Dream Song” is different from the other tracks on the album in a few distinct ways. The lyrics are short, but sweet. Matt sings “ I kissed you in a dream last night” and then there’s an instrumental bit that showcases Sarah Mundy’s bass slapping as well as Zach Hircsch’s drums. This is a direction punk rock does not often take. The songs are usually short and to the point with very little to show in the jamming out sense. This song, however ,was different, letting listeners know that this group is more than three power chords and yelling – they are the real deal. In the album closer, “I’m better now”,the lyrics take us on an American Psycho journey through some very dark imagery in pleading her to talk to him again, because he’s better now. The song seems to be a metaphor for going through a rough patch in life. This album has the potential to reach many different audiences, and each unique listener can find their own meaning.

KEY TRACKS: Parade, Dream Song, If There Was Something Going on

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