Mac Sabbath Brings an Easter Treat to the Tralf Music Hall

It took just under a half hour for the guys of “Drive-Thru metal” band Mac Sabbath to begin their set on Easter Sunday at the Tralf Music Hall. Before the large yellow and red tapestry that covered the stage came down the lights finally dimmed and Sinatra’s 1973 recording of “Send In The Clowns” began to play, only to descend into an unsettling loop of air-raid sirens and maniacal laughter .

The stage was unexceptionally decorated. On each side of it were two inflatable demon clown body language.


When Ronnie himself was a showstopper, diabolical kindred to Alice Cooper, spraying water-filled ketchup bottles into the crowd, slapping spatulas together and flipping patties on a grill. His cutting lyrics covered everything from obesity to pink slime to GMOs and everything else that makes McDonald’s one of the worst corporations on the planet.

I can’t tell you how many bad puns were squeezed into this super-size performance – including, but not limited to, the band’s fictional contemporaries Great White Castle, Iron Maidenny’s, Motley Croutons, and Cinnabon Jovi. I cringed about as much as I laughed, which was a lot.


He sent yellow and red confetti and blow-up cheeseburgers into the pit, Ronald had a fan willingly pour his Blue Light down a humongous fast food straw which he pulled from his jumpsuit and wielded around like a staff. Ronald later than had the fans beer replaced with a brand new one.

The parody cover band brings humor to the stage while making Black Sabbath tunes all of their own with food-infused lyrics.Instead of “Iron Man,” “N.I.B.,” “Fairies Wear Boots” and “Children of the Grave” the enthusiastic crowd got the caloric versions hilariously titled, “Frying Pan,” “N.I.B.B.L.E.,” “Cherries are Fruits” and “Chicken for the Slaves.”


“We did invent the genre of Drive-Thru metal, so it seems a bit derivative,” Osbourne said. This joke alludes to the common debate as to whether or not Black Sabbath single-handedly founded heavy metal music.

It closed the set with “Frying Pan,” it’s take on Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” (Osbourne missed the opportunity to ask if the crowd would like fries with that) then for an encore played a wild “Pair-A-Buns,” its send-up of Sabbath’s biggest hit, “Paranoid,” with Osbourne encouraging the crowd to start a circle-slam, then crowd surfing around it.

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