Stuyedeyed at Shea Stadium

The Brooklyn/NYC DIY scene is replete with talented bands and artists that offer a plethora of genres for anyone’s taste. Stuyedeyed stands out with their psychedlic, desert-esque facet of punk rock. It’s almost as if Jimi Hendrix, Danzig and Kyuss had a peyote ceremony in the desert and made music. Their live performances are bursting with masses of energy and instrumental intricacies that will have you wondering how they played those notes and moved around so much. Stuyedeyed is Nelson Antonio Espinal (guitar/vocals), Andrea Scanniello (guitar/organ/vocals), Luis Ruelas (drums), and Humberto Geñao (bass).tkenna_stuyedeyed_shea_04

A recent performance at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn showcased their raw talent and ability to croon a crowd with heavy, crunching guitar riffs, smooth, groovy bass and ferocious drumming that could have you saying a divine four letter word. Although most of the material they performed was brand new, some tracks I’m familiar with made an appearance such as “Land Mines” (from their Cursed EP) which has a melodic guitar riff over a driving force of drums and a bass line that makes you want to groove your hips and bang your head simultaneously. “Erik’s Song” was played (also from the Cursed EP) and its heavy, droning guitar riff over a continuous drum roll matched superbly with Espinal’s aggressive, crooning vocals. Stuyedeyed bleeds DIY and possesses a natural talent not seen in many groups which is why they have become one of my favorite bands in the scene. I heard they may be recording new material soon; I’m very excited to see what comes next for the psych-rock quartet.  Check out their EP, Cursed as well as their Facebook page for upcoming shows in Brooklyn/NYC.

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