Hearing Aide: Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real’s “Something Real”

somethingrealThe new album, Something Real, by Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real dropped on March 11th.  It showcases the “cowboy hippie surf rock” style that is interlaced around each track.  The band combines the talents of Lukas Nelson on guitar and vocals, Anthony LoGerto on drums, Corey McCormick on bass, and Tato Melgar on percussion.  Something Real is a tight mix of melodies that breach the edges of blues, Americana, and country styles to form a flow of tracks that beg to be played again and again.

Diving right in, “Surprise” takes listeners on a whirlwind of emotions as the energy within the song rises, bringing depth to the tune.  This well placed opener sets the mood for what’s to come by grabbing your attention immediately. “Something Real” is full of crunchy guitar, pounding drums and a get up and dance your ass off vibe.

An unhurried “Set Me Down On A Cloud” is thick with energy that hits deep into one’s soul. The passion felt throughout invites the listener to turn up the volume. “Don’t Want to Fly” combines a solid rock and blues experience that ends in a teasing jam that slowly fades out.  Don’t be surprised if this one fuses into an extended jam session during a live performance.

“Ugly Color” breathes, and provides calm spaces in between the notes, for the duration of this chilled out, laid back song that’s perfect to listen to with the top down on a warm summer day.  “I’ll Make Love to You Any Ol’ Time” is simply a good ol’ rock and roll tune with ass-kicking guitar and red-hot vocals. Switching gears, “Georgia” is a gentle tune filled with fluid lyrics that tug at the heart strings.

Shredding guitar chords roll through the first half of “Everything is Fake,” before finishing with tender tones. The album’s final track, “San Francisco,” features Neil Young on guest vocals.  This powerful tune brings a fitting end to the album, as it provides a throwback to the seventies without losing the essence of being in the present.  Overall, Something Real is a fluid album that features well structured melodies and tightly composed notes.

For further information regarding Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real, and their new album, please check out their official website. (It’s highly recommended you click on the Band link to read about the members. A good laugh is guaranteed).

Key Tracks: Surprise, Set Me Down on A cloud, Ugly Color

Check out Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real as they perform their title track, “Something Real,” on the Conan O’Brien show:

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