Clinton Native Turns Four Chairs on The Voice

Ryan Quinn put his small central New York hometown of Westmoreland on the musical map Monday, stunning the audience and all four coaches on NBC’s The Voice.

Quinn, a Clinton high school and SUNY Oneonta graduate, was the final performer featured on Monday’s show, performing a nearly flawless version of Blind Faith’s classic “Can’t Find My Way Home.” He eventually chose Maroon 5 vocalist Adam Levine as his coach to continue in the competition.

Quinn, a teacher assistant and music educator at the House of the Good Shepherd in Utica, drew high praise from his eventual coach, as well as the other celebrity coaches, with a show-stopping performance of the Blind Faith song that features Steve Winwood’s high-pitch falsetto.

Christina Aguilera turned her chair first and exhibited the emotion that many of Quinn’s Central NY fans and students were no doubt feeling as well.

Christina Aguilera Ryan Quinn The Voice

Levine praised Quinn: “I’m a dude with a high voice. And when you got me going, ‘Like, damn that’s really high,’ I can assure you, that’s really high.”

Pharrell Williams was seen “Wow”ing to the performance from his chair before making his turn.

Blake Shelton was the final chair turn, and all gave a standing ovation following the performance. Shelton told Quinn, “You were hitting notes so high, my eyeballs would have been hanging out of my head.”

Quinn saw a huge gain in Twitter followers and also trended on Facebook after his performance.

While Quinn may be a newcomer to the American television audience, he’s garnered high praise around his hometown. Mark Sisti wrote of him in the Utica Observer Dispatch:

We all want to claim we latched onto a performer before he or she made it big. Well, if you’re looking for a local star to hitch your wagon to and follow to the big time, you could do worse than Ryan Quinn.

As for Quinn’s journey towards becoming this season’s The Voice, only he and the people connected with the show know for sure. Your best bet is to keep an eye on the local club listings and catch him while you can locally, because he will undoubtedly be playing larger venues soon whether he wins the competition or not. NYS Music will be there to follow the journey.

Watch Quinn’s The Voice performance below and judge for yourself:

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