RAQ Stuffs the Hollow on Reunion Run

RAQ is baq. Let’s hope they continue this upward trajectory.

The four-piece band has not played much in recent years due to members being tied up in a cavalcade of other projects. A somewhat perfect storm recently paved way for the band to start playing shows again, and let’s just say the group’s performance in Albany, N.Y. at the Hollow proved these guys are quite well-oiled.

Guitarist Chris Michetti and keyboardist Todd Stoops seem to have a connection that goes beyond what might happen between confident and talented band mates, as displayed by the opening pairing of “Premium”> “Hannah,” which saw virtuous playing from both. Drummer Neal Evans and bassist Jay Burwick held down the rhythm section, which settled nicely into the background.

“Push the Lil Daises”>”Late Night”>”Will Run” kept the show at a sprinter’s pace, before “Momamoth”>”Dance Hall Days”>”Momamoth”>”Wax” did nothing to put anyone to sleep. Michetti is a guitar player who can shift from trance to metal to jazz to chunky rhythm and back around again without missing a measure. I don’t know how else to describe him.

“Transcontinental,” “Shirley,” “Donkey Show” and a “Late Night” reprise closed out the rocking set. The encore consisted of “Tequila All Day”, “Nationwide”, and the ever elusive “Sweet Cream Butter”. The packed crowd exited the Hollow content, from what I could tell.

Let’s hope that RAQ decides to keep this train rolling so that everyone who wasn’t there last week can experience this group for years to come.

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