Artwork for David Bowie’s ‘Blackstar’ Released for Fan Use

Blackstar has come to be regarded as David Bowie’s parting gift after it became widely known that he wrote the album in full knowledge of his own mortality.Bowie Blackstar Art

As a perpetuation of Bowie’s gift, the artwork for Blackstar has been released for non-commercial use. Artist Jonathan Barnbrook has worked closely with Bowie on designing the artwork on several of his albums.


David Bowie’s Facebook page share the news with this post:

Barnbrook loved working with David Bowie, he was simply one of the most inspirational, kind people we have met. So in the spirit of openness and in remembrance of David we are releasing the artwork elements of his last album ★ (Blackstar) to download here free under a Creative Commons NonCommercial-ShareAlike licence. That means you can make t-shirts for yourself, use them for tattoos, put them up in your house to remember David by and adapt them too, but we would ask that you do not in any way create or sell commercial products with them or based on them. Any questions or commercial licence usage please contact us.

Eleven different elements from the album’s artwork are can be downloaded from Remember that the content is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike (a copy of the details of that license are included with each download from the site). Inquiries for commercial use can be directed to the Barnbrook design agency.

Check out an interview with Jonathan Barnbrook regarding the meaning behind the art of Blackstar here.

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