Snapcase Announces Show in Buffalo to Celebrate 25 Years

For those who grew up within hardcore, punk and related circles throughout the ’90s, it’s time to dive head-first into nostalgia once again. This week, Snapcase announced a 25-year-anniversary show in their hometown of Buffalo. The preeminent hardcore punk masters are back just like that and their social media has been spun into a worldwide frenzy.

79-atlgWith posting nothing more than a link to buy tickets, Snapcase made the announcement on Tuesday, Jan. 19, and the hype took off from there. In less than 24 hours, the post has been liked more than 1,000 times, shared more than 200 times, and is nearing 100 comments. Not bad for a band who is technically retired. For anyone that follows the band, though, their ’04-05 breakup wasn’t the end, with reunion shows happening here and there, most recently last summer in Philadelphia at the 10th annual This Is Hardcore Festival.

While the band never really blew up in the same way some of their peers did, their influence carries a wide breadth and they’re even mentioned by the likes of bands as big as the Deftones. If you were lucky enough to catch them in their heyday, you would understand why their name and music got around. Snapcase relentlessly toured with bands from all different styles of music and never shied away from jumping on a bill or tour with a band doing something different from their own sound. They inspired punks, hardcore kids, and even some metal fans who couldn’t ignore their crushing melodic riffs, inspiring lyrics, and raucous live shows.

The announced reunion takes place at Buffalo’s Town Ballroom and will be held on Friday, Feb. 26. Judging by the social media hype that already surrounds this one-off appearance, there will be fans from near and far as road trips are already being discussed. Tickets go on sale at noon Friday, Jan. 22. The show will feature two other great hardcore acts of yesteryear in Louisville, Kentucky’s Endpoint and Burlington, Ontario’s Grade as openers. Don’t wait to get your tickets, as there is never a promise of another return and this will most certainly sell out!

Here’s their full set from last summer’s This Is Hardcore Festival:

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