A Sea Jubilee – Day 2 of Phish Riviera Maya

When the crowd finally finished navigating the queue to proceed into the venue at Barcelo Maya, they were met with a full buffet of food, drinks to drown a pirate, Mayans dressed in full traditional garb, and a full feeling of how on Earth Phish was going to follow the previous night’s magic. However, within moments of them walking out onto the stage it was obvious that the momentum from the night before hadn’t left their souls.


From the first measures of “Camel Walk” it was an all out beach dance party. Phish failed to disappoint as they navigated through the first set, following the opener with “555” and “Rift” and satisfying many phans with a cover of Talking Heads’ “Cities.” The vibe was simply electric as “Cities” led into “Light”, which made way for “Simple” and “Timber.” The emotions really took hold as the first chords of “Wading in the Velvet Sea” could be heard. The exodus to the water was breathtaking and so few people had realized at that point how badly they wanted to indeed be wading in the sea to such a powerful song, which since Coventry has always hit one’s heartstrings. The first set wrapped up perfectly with a “Reba” that no one could stop talking about at set break and capping it off with a short “Chalkdust Torture.”


Second set started off with the same explosive energy that fired up the crowd in the first. TV on the Radio’s “Golden Age” was the preamble to another major flocking to the water so people could finally float upon the waves to “Prince Caspian.” The seaside dance party continued as the second set progressed, with the energy reaching insurmountable levels. Moving into an ever-impassioned “Joy” brought everyone down to earth, but a string of “46 Days” > “Twenty Years Later” > “Julius” caused huge amounts of splashing in Jeff Waful’s bright white lights that seemed to replace the always common glowstick wars at past shows. The set was finished, creating full crowd participation with “Harry Hood,” followed by a very quick break and Phish coming back out to encore with “Character Zero.”


As the flocks of phans exited the venue after night 2 of this amazing destination festival, everyone was buzzing. People walked back to their rooms or shuttled to their respective resorts to finish out their nights with poolside parties, dancing in numerous resort bars, and for a lucky few staying at the festival resort, some very welcome fireworks. After everyone caught their breath, the realization started to set in: the Sunday show is next!

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