Funktional Flow Gives Birth to “On the Way”

Buffalo’s funk/reggae/rock fusion act Funktional Flow released a second single from their forthcoming album, Time Will Tell.

In honor of the birth of guitarist and vocalist Jeffrey Kuebler’s son, Jack Michael Kuebler, the band released “On the Way.” The song is available for streaming through Sound Cloud or the band’s website.

Funktional flow
The song was written by Kuebler on the heels of discovering that he and his wife were expecting.

When my wife Ashley informed me in early May we were expecting I went through so many new and crazy emotions. Joy, fear, elation, wonder and pure happiness! At the time being hit by that wave of feelings I immediately picked up the guitar and played the first thing that hit me. With the guys in the band being extremely excited we took it on immediately hoping to capture the emotion we all were feeling. Within a matter of hours the music was done! The lyrics came that night and it so accurately captured the feeling it had intended to! I would love people who are expecting for years to come to use this song to somehow channel or express the emotion that comes with all aspects of childbirth and feel the same thing!  – Jeffrey Kuebler

Funktional Flow will release the entire album at their CD release party on March 5 at Buffalo Iron Works. The band will also be opening for Twiddle at the Town Ballroom on Feb. 25.

Funktional Flow plans to announce dates for a spring tour in support of Time Will Tell in the near future.

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