Hearing Aide: Yankee Blood ‘Honey’

a1637777148_16Nashville-based indie-pop trio Yankee Blood released their debut EP last month titled Honey. The Yankees, as they sometimes call themselves, are comprised of Kelly Ruth (singer/bassist), Adam Verone (drummer) and James Karp (guitarist). Seiji Itaru Inouye provides additional guitars and Juliana Richer Daily supplies vocal harmonies on the album. Honey was produced, mixed and engineered by David Brubaker at Studio 215, and mastered by Mark Trewella of Full Circle Mastering.

Airy vocals and ethereal harmonizations supported by bluesy, mellow guitar and drums, open the first song, “Sioux City.” Ruth poses an existential quandary floating through the minds of younger generations questioning their role in society. This notion is drawn out with the lyrics, “When you were 23 you said that you wanted to move to Sioux City, where everything’s pretty/ You said Ma don’t you miss me, I’ve gone to where I can see the sunset clearly/And everyone’s friendly to the new girl in town.” The song alludes to that idealistic mentality of many fledgling twenty-somethings seeking to explore the world and embark on adventure. Like viscous honey oozing down a smooth surface, the lyrics postulate, “Well you’ve always been chasing that dream of the beautiful scenes you’d clip out of magazines.”

“Reckless” offers eighties-inspired synth pulsating like lazy ripples, chased by Ruth’s femme power lyrics. She expresses, “I’ve been told I need a man to put me in my place/Every time one comes around he can’t keep with my pace/God made me the reckless kind.” Yet the next song, “Beekeeper,” with simple jazzy guitar evoking a daydream quality, expresses a desire for companionship through the lyrics, “Like bees to the queen, like tea to honey/I want someone to love.” Put together these songs personify a fiercely independent woman hard pressed to find a mate well matched for her fiery spirit. Honey will resonate with those who have been faced with the uncertainties of love and finding purpose.

Key Tracks: Sioux City, Reckless, Beekeeper