Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach Tour Shows Rock is Not Dead in Glens Falls

Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach, In This Moment and From Ashes To New, drove their tour buses into Glens Falls on the last stop on their current tour, and showed the fans that packed the Civic Center why rock music is not dead, but fully alive kicking. All the bands will head off to play the Rock Allegiance Festival in Chester, PA.

The Monster Energy Drink fueled tour had everything you need in a rock show minus the pyro, as the venue does not allow it, but with the connection the fans had with this great lineup of rock stars, it wasn’t needed or missed as the chemistry between the bands and the crowd created enough sparks to burn the house down. This show had combinations of heart, passion, emotion, theatrics, charisma and of course, tons of energy.


From Ashes To New excelled as the opening band on this show. FATN set the tone for the night with a very energetic interactive set. Right out of the gate FATN had the fans engaged. As opener’s, FATN wasted no time talking and just played all their hits made popular on Sirius/XM Octane among other singles of their two Ep’s.

Concert goers who were not familiar with the band were instantly hooked by the bands energy, look and catchy style of rap-rock metal songs. Dual singers Matt Brandyberry and Chris Musser, flow off each other and have great chemistry. Brandyberry’s raps mixed with Musser’s screams and melodic hardcore hooks were spot on. After a fascinating all out performance, I’m sure FATN’s Facebook and Twitter pages jumped in likes and followers after their incredible set.

You can see From Ashes To New on tour this November when the hit the road with Like A Strom.

FATN Setlist: Downfall, My Fight, Land of Make Believe, Lost and Alone, I Will Show You, Through It All, Stay This Way


In This Moment’s home town girl, Schenectady native Maria Brink brought her theatrical style of live performing to the stage. Fans sang in unison to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing,” which introduced Brink and the boys to the stage.

Maria stood front and center in her black widow outfit for the first song of the night “Sick Like Me.” This would be the first of many costume changes through the night as Brink has an outfit and theme for every song on the set list.

Besides theatrics, Brink sort of brings a pop element to the stage as she has two back up dancers who dress in full costume, with a choreographed routine for each song. Brink stated that its feels great to be home and talked about performing her first show at the QE2 and at Bogies in Albany.

In a different but cool way, Brink goes into full theater mode during the song “Sex Metal Barbie.” She stands at a pink podium dressed and sings the song as if she’s giving a speech to the crowd, which only someone like Brink can pull off.

The last song of the night “Whore,” Brink dresses like a school girl and sits on a stool with a dunce cap on her head. The word whore is painted to look like blood in red on the front of the cap. Brink described the meaning behind the song, as taking something negative and turning it into a positive and the taking that into something bigger.

In This Moment Setlist: Sick Like Me, Black Widow, Blood, Sex Metal Barbie, Big Bad Wolf, Whore



Papa Roach took the stage first as part of the co-headline tour. The black curtain hiding the stage dropped to the first song of the night “Face Everything and Rise (F.E.A.R).” Right after, fans erupted when the first note of “Between Angels and Insects” started. Papa Roach was all about business from the start and blazed through the first three songs.

Frontman Jacoby Shaddix said to the crowd “You love that $#!t,” to a huge crowd response after singing “Getting Away With Murder.

The ultra charismatic Shaddix, then asked the crowd how they were doing by saying “Motherf***ers in Glens Falls, NY how you f**king livin’ tonight?” The crowd responded with a deafening roar which prompted the hyped up Shaddix to say “That’s what I’m f**king talkin’ about, Friday night baby, you guys f**king partying tonight?” Fans were eating up everything Shaddix was saying.

Shaddix then said “Yo check this out we are Papa Roach, and we are f**king grateful to f**king be here tonight. We f**king love you guys, but what I want to see on this f**king next song y’all check it out. I wanna see this f**king whole place jumpin’.” Shaddix then asked fans , “Are you with me?” The more than over willing fans screamed with readiness . Shaddix now wanting to get more involved with the crowd then said “lets see what your made of but only when I say go.” Shaddix then introduced the next song Warriors.

Shaddix got up close and personal with the crowd during Warriors. Shaddix walked throughout the lower half of the arena slapping hands with fans before returning back to the stage. After the song Shaddix said “Now we have a f**king rock and roll show on our hands.”

The next song Forever, Shaddix dedicated to all the ladies in the crowd. While the intro played, Shaddix asked the crowd if they were having a good time. Shaddix then pointed to some fans up close and said that he knows they are having a good time cause he can see the fire in their eyes.

Shaddix introduced the band one by one during the intro to Hollywood Whore. He started with guitarist Jerry Horton. Shaddix looked to what he called his main motherf***ing man back there on drums Tony Palermo. Shaddix then told Palermo he was a bad motherf***er, as Palermo laughed. Shaddix then said over on bass we have monster, his name is Tobin Esperance. Shaddix then said who the fuck cares what my name is, lets push some rock and roll. Shaddix and the crowd then sung the intro to Hollywood Whore together.

Before Falling Apart, Shaddix had to acknowledge the fans up in the seats by saying “F**k yeah, I’m felling you up there, how you guys up there?” Shaddix then added “I see we have some P Roach fans up there, nice fucking t-shirt homie f**k yeah thanks for representing tonight.”

Shaddix then stated that this was the last show and it has been an awesome tour. Shaddix then stated “In This Moment, Papa Roach, Five Finger Death Punch what the f**k, best tour ever man its been f***ing awesome. It’s an honor to share the stage with those guys.”

Shaddix gave a speech how the band came about. He talked about how they started in high school as a garage band when Shaddix was sixteen. Shaddix then went on to say next thing you know Papa Roach doing this s**t f***ing world-wide twenty-two f***ing years later. Shaddix then added “So anybody who’s f***ing got big dreams, keep f***ing chasing them if you know what im f***ing saying.”

In Shaddix’s attempt to be Moses, he wanted to bring it back to old school Papa Roach days and asked each side of the floor to part in the middle for what he call the Braveheart or the Wall of Death. Shaddix then said when he says go, he wants each side to bum rush each other to create one huge mosh pit. The band then played “Blood Brothers.”

Shaddix and Horton sat on a small elevated stage in the middle of the arena floor and played an acoustic version of “Scars.”

In a scene fans have been waiting for all night, Maria Brink joined Shaddix on stage for a historic moment as they sang their collaboration of “Gravity,” before ending their high-energy set with “…To Be Loved.”

Papa Roach Setlist: Face Everything and Rise, Between Angels and Insects, Getting Away With Murder, Warriors, Forever, Hollywood Whore, Kick in the Teeth, Falling Apart, Blood Brothers, Broken as Me, Scars, Gravity, Where Did the Angels Go?, Still Swingin’, Last Resort, …To Be Loved


You think fans would be spent by the energy this show has displayed thus far but fans also must have been fueled by Monster Energy as well. Fans were now ready to explode for Five Finger Death Punch waiting for them to hit the stage. As the venue turned to black, fans started a FFDP chant.

Once again the black curtain fell to Five Finger Death Punch and the first song in the setlist “Lift Me Up.” FFDP kept the trend going by getting straight to the point ripping off song after song to start the night. Frontman Ivan Moody had a red handprint painted on his face to resemble their mascot Knucklehead.

FFDP put all the rumors to bed, as the band looked like a tight-knit band of brothers who were having fun on stage and showing no signs of animosity between them. These five amazing musicians may be five totally different personalities, but together as a unit FFDP has endless chemistry and talent and raw emotion.

In normal Five Finger fashion, the band paid tribute to all the men and women in the armed forces by playing their cover version of Bad Company.

Before the song, Ivan Moody asked fans in the crowd who have served, or are currently serving, to put their hands up. Moody the said “Keep your hands up. Everybody else see those hands? You shake them, you thank them and you buy them a beer for our fucking freedoms.” The crowd reacted with a thunderous roar and even louder U.S.A chant.

As Moody looked for Jason Hook to start things off, Hook teased Enter Sandman as Moody played to and sang with the crowd until drummer Jeremy Spencer purposely stopped the song as the fans kept singing on cue despite him stopping the music. This prompted Moody to tell the crowd to say “F**k you Jeremy,” the crowd obliged. Spencer respond with a 5 second drum solo, stood up and gave the crowd two middle finger’s.

Moody then asked Hook to give him something. Hook then started playing  Crazy Train only to have Zoltan take away Moody’s mic after the fist line of the song.

Hook showed off his incredible guitar playing skills. Moody then jokingly said to Hook “Jason stop flirting, lets play the song that we dedicated to the armed fucking forces.” The band then played Bad Company.

Before FFDP got into “Jekyll and Hyde” from their new album Got You Six, Moody asked for some of the lights to be turned down because he couldn’t see a thing. Moody the said “Turn off that spotlight I’m not Axel Rose.”

Moody then asked how many fans had their new album. The crowd went nuts which made Moody stop and say “Wow, you guys are rowdy.” Moody then reiterated and asked the crowd how many of you actually bought the f***ing thing? Then asked how many downloaded it to a small amount of cheers. Moody then said “Oh so proud, you cheap son of a b***h,” which made the crowd laugh. Moody then said “It’s alright though. It’s only like fifteen bucks, so you can like work at McDonald’s for like an hour and a half and you got it,” to more laughter from fans.

After a top-notch drum solo by Jeremy Spencer, It was now that part of the show where FFDP looks for the next generation of metal fans to bring onto the stage for the next song “Burn MF.”

Moody though was looking for a certain someone that he wanted on stage he met while he was walking his dog before the show. Moody not realizing the girl made it up to the stage, said thank you for making his day as he turned around to notice the girl was behind him. Moody then said “There you are,” and stated that she looked so much like his own daughter. Moody asked her for a hug and if she wanted a Monster (Energy Drink). Now Moody was back to business as he said “So now were gonna show them how the big kids do this.” Moody then violently screamed into the mic “Open it up,” then said “If you don’t wanna get hurt, now is the right time to get the fuck out of the way.”

Moody and Hook slowed it down a bit as they played an acoustic arrangement of “Wrong Side of Heaven.” They continued acoustically through to the song “Battle Born.” The rest of FFDP joined them on stage to finish the song electric.


Before FFDP played “Burn it Down,” Moody said that Zoltan keeps stopping him cause he wants to play something heavy. Moody the dedicated the song to all the crazy motherf***ers in the mosh pit. After the song ended Moody’s love for the crowds energy said “You guys are f***ing nuts.” FFDP ended the set with “Coming Down.”

Fans chanted for the band to come back out for an encore. Fans didn’t have to wait long as the band came back out and played “Under and Over It.”

Moody then wanted to get something off his chest that he said would only take a second. Moody stated “Social media sucks d**k. I don’t have a Facebook page, I don’t have a Twitter, I don’t give a fuck about any of that shit. So if you ever see one that says Ivan L. Moody, fuck that shit. Here’s the reason. Anybody on the internet can say anything at any given time, and immediately it’s considered true.  Eighty percent of my life is you guys, this band and my family and that’s it. The other twenty percent belongs to my dog.” Moody then thanked the fans for coming out and not believing the B.S. Moody asked for everyone to put their lighters and cell phones in the air to light the venue then introduced the last song of the night, The Bleeding.”

Five Finger Death Punch Setlist: Lift Me Up, Hard to See, Never Enough, Got Your Six, Bad Company, Jekyll and Hyde, Drum Solo, Burn MF, Wrong Side of Heaven, Battle Born, Coming Down Encore: Under and Over It, The Bleeding

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