Bring Me the Horizon take the sold out Terminal 5 by storm

Bring Me The Horizon brought their headlining tour to Terminal 5 in New York City for an incredible sold out show on October 5 with phenomenal production with even better stage presence. With the help of support band, Issues and opener PVRIS fans were given a night they are sure to remember for many tours to come. Fresh off the release of That’s the Spirit on Columbia Records, Bring Me the Horizon have reached a new level in their career moving on from selling out Best Buy Theater, now Playstation Theater, to selling out Terminal 5 effortlessly.

PVRIS kicked off the evening with “White Noise” the title track off their first full length record released on Rise Records. The group has recently been creating a very strong and dedicated fanbase through their powerful live performances. With the help of Rise Records, PVRIS has worked tirelessly to create that fanbase through a series of opening slots on larger tours including the first leg of Pierce the Veil and Sleeping with Siren’s world tour.. The group actually created such a strong fanbase across the country that they were permanently bumped up to the main stage for the summer on Warped tour, which they absolutely capitalized on building their name even more with each passing day.  Frontwoman Lynn Gunn has an incredible voice that sets her apart from so many vocalists; she commands the stage with powerful vocals and passionate lyrics. One song in particular that always showcases her voice perfectly is the second song that they played, “Fire.” The song emphasizes the power in her voice giving her many opportunities to enthrall the crowd. PVRIS went on to play other fan favorites including “Holy” and “Smoke.” They closed out their set with the first two songs released off of White Noise, “My House” and “St. Patrick.” They had the majority of the crowd singing along all throughout their set but it was during these two songs in particular that it seemed as if the entire crowd was involved, singing along and off their feet. PVRIS certainly did a great job of drawing fans out early and getting them engaged from their first song and throughout their entire set.

Next to take the stage was ISSUES. They are the type of band that never fail to get the entire crowd engaged regardless of how familiar fans may be with their music. They kicked things off in a very unusual fashion, prior to playing any of their songs frontmen Tyler Carter and Michael Bohn took the time to introduce the band. They proceeded from there into “Stingray Affliction” and “Life of a Nine” from their 2014 self titled release. As expected they brought such incredible energy and enthusiasm to the stage that it was contagious among the crowd and they didn’t let up at all during their set. Next up was the extremely moving and inspiring, “Never Lose Your Flames”; it is a song that has always resonated extremely well with fans and likely always will which is why it has become a staple song for the group at every show. From there they played a new song, “The Realest” which truly showcased their ability to captivate a crowd through their energy and stage presence because the crowd remained engaged and involved despite not knowing any of the words. The song seemed to be very well received by those in attendance which is not surprising as they too have been doing an incredible job of creating a very dedicated fanbase also through persistent touring including the direct support slot of the Future Hearts Tour last spring. Next up was the emotional, “Disappear (Remember When)” which has also become a staple song for the group along with their closing song and most recent single, “Hooligans.” The intensity reached a new level during “Hooligans” as once again the entire building seemed to be full and singing along to every word emphatically.

After what seemed longer than normal Bring Me the Horizon was ready to take the stage and the first song off of their most recent release, That’s the Spirit, “Doomed” kicked in. The group set the bar fairly high on their last U.S. tour in the fall of 2014 supporting A Day to Remember for production and stage set up, but they absolutely out did themselves this time. The umbrella from their album cover flashed behind them in lights interchangeably with other aspects of their album including the multicolored background from their album booklet and other captivating lighting designs.  Along with a captivating background, CO2 cannons accompanied various breakdowns and heavy moments of the set which magnified the intensity. After that they continued on into “Happy Song” which started off with the entire sold out crowd chanting “S-P-I-R-I-T” along to the backtrack.

From there they went into some older favorites off off Sempiternal (2013) including “Go to Hell, for Heaven’s Sake” and “The House of Wolves” and what seems to have become a staple song for the group, “Chelsea Smile” from Suicide Season (2010). Next up was one of the most emotional and raw tracks from Sempiternal, “Can You Feel My Heart” which never fails to get the entire crowd singing along emphatically. When it reached the verse with the repetition of “I’m scared to get close and I hate being alone. I long for that feeling to not feel at all. The higher I get, the lower I’ll sink. I can’t drown my demons they know how to swim.” Frontman Oli Sykes did not say a word, the crowd took over and sang for him. For the last repetition of it Sykes joined the crowd for an emotional sing along. One of the most popular songs from Sempiternal “Shadow Moses,” always elicits a strong reaction from the crowd and this show was no different. Bring Me the Horizon has such a strong stage presence and creates an emotional connection with the crowd through their live performance which makes sets them apart from so many other bands in their genre and makes their shows extremely memorable. From there they carried into “Throne” from That’s the Spirit, “Sleepwalking” and “Antivist” to close out their set.

Bring Me the Horizon returned for an encore starting with “True Friends” from the new record. They always manage to bring the intensity and energy to a new level during their encores despite having an incredibly engaging set the entire night. The next song in their encore was another older favorite, “Blessed With a Curse” from There is a Hell Believe Me I’ve Seen it. There is a Heaven Let’s Keep it a Secret (2010), which really seemed to be a nice surprise to the crowd which consisted of a mix with newer fans and seasoned fans. The final song Bring Me the Horizon played for the evening was their most well known song from the new album, “Drown.” The song has been heard across New York on various rock radio stations, which was a huge break through for the group and has certainly helped the group grow exponentially in the months since its release.

All three groups have unique and charismatic stage presences which when combined create a very memorable night for fans. This tour has one of the strongest lineups of all of the fall tours which makes it a must see for fans.

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