Ghost Performs a Ritual for a Sold Out Terminal 5

As the darkness rolled across Hell’s Kitchen, thousands of fans poured into Terminal 5 to see Ghost on Sunday, September 27. Touring behind their latest release Meliora, Ghost set out on their ‘Black To The Future’ North American tour last week. Since night 1 in Washington, D.C., Ghost has been packing venues and bringing their live ritual to the masses.

Papa Emeritus III of Ghost

Sunday’s show started off with the doors opening early to get some fans upstairs on the rooftop bar so security could clear space on the crowded New York City streets. Once doors opened to let fans inside the actual venue, space quickly filled up. Before opening band Purson even took the stage, the floor and both balcony levels were jammed packed. Unfortunately for fans who didn’t secure a spot along the rail on the top levels, it would be a tough night for them to see Ghost. Although the line of sight for many fans on the balcony was obstructed, it didn’t stop those fans from dancing and singing along with the bands all night.

After a quick set by opening band Purson, the house lights went dark and the smell of incense filled the air. The show started with “Spirit” as the Nameless Ghouls took the stage one by one before Papa Emeritus III appeared out of the center. Following the track list off of Meliora, Ghost then went straight into “From The Pinnacle To The Pit”. It was no surprise to see Ghost basically play their entire new album due to the high praise and success it’s had since coming out on August, 21st. Even though the band played most of Meliora, they still played a total of 6 songs of Infestissumam and 4 songs off Opus Eponymous. Fans of Ghost seemed to get everything they could have wished for on Sunday. The Nameless Ghouls who are the backing instrumentalists of Ghost are all fantastic musicians. Without being able to show facial expressions and interact with the crowd verbally, the Nameless Ghouls do a great job of expressing themselves behind the masks. The two guitar players mix perfectly with one another and get filled in with the percussion, bass and keys. Papa Emeritus III took the time to speak to the crowd between almost every song. Papa joked about “Frankie” (Pope Francis) being in town the same time Ghost was there but not coming to the show. Papa also shared with the crowd that his mother was at the show, although she wasn’t seen from the crowd.

Papa Emeritus III of Ghost

Towards the end of the night, the band went acoustic for a version of “Jigolo Har Megiddo” that didn’t slow the night’s performance down one bit. Even with an acoustic song, the wild New York City crowd was still moshing. Ghost may not seem like the band to create mosh pits but Sunday night there was something in the air. From the first song to the very last, giant circles in the crowd could be seen from above as fans threw down in the pit. During some songs a second smaller pit would develop in another area of the floor. Before ending the night with an encore performance, Ghost played their cover of “If You Have Ghosts” which was very fitting. To cap the night off, Papa Emeritus III took a poll of who in the crowd had seen Ghost before. As the majority of the sold-out Terminal 5 crowd raised their hand, Papa responded with, “Okay, everyone here besides you,” talking to a young lady in the crowd. He then told the girl to just mime the words like he does sometimes, which made the crowd laugh. Everyone at that point knew Ghost was ending the show with “Monstrance Clock.” The crowd dominated the song by singing along word by word with Papa. At the end of the song, Ghost left the stage and the night was over. Ghost said their goodbyes and thank yous prior to the encore and the crowd let them know they put on an unforgettable performance with a loud applause.

The ‘Black To The Future Tour’ just started and there’s plenty more dates around the U.S. to catch. For all the dates and other band information, fans can visit Ghost’s Website. Fans can also check the official Facebook and Instagram pages for exclusive content from Papa Emeritus and the Nameless Ghouls.

Ghost Setlist: Spirit, From The Pinnacle To The Pit, Ritual, Con Clavi Con Dio, Per Aspera Ad Inferi, Majesty, Stand By Him, Prime Mover, Body And Blood, Devil Church, Cirice, Year Zero, He Is, Absolution, Mummy Dust, Jigolo Har Megiddo, Ghuleh/Zombie Queen, If You Have Ghosts, Monstrance Clock

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