Nothing More Packs The Lost Horizon

There aren’t many bands that have been on the road as much as Nothing More as of recent. After countless opening slots on tours and a few headlining gigs, Nothing More are out on the road once more headlining the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour, which came through Syracuse to the Lost Horizon Sept. 23. Monster Energy put together a tour with not only an awesome headliner but with three other great bands — The Color Morale, Turbowolf and Separations.

The Lost Horizon show was the sixth show on the tour. From the time Separations came on stage, both levels of the floor were filled up with fans waiting patiently for Nothing More. Although many fans were there to see the headliner, they were open to seeing some other great bands. Both Separations and Turbowolf did a good job of getting the crowd involved in the set. Although both sets were on the short side, the bands got to get their music and message to the crowd. Those who were interested in more were invited to the merchandise booths in back to hang out and meet the bands.

After Turbowolf ended their set, The Color Morale took the stage. These guys were a late addition to the tour after Marmozets had to drop off last minute. Marmozets were forced to cancel their tour due to a knee injury by one of their members who ended up needing surgery. Even though The Color Morale were added on late, it didn’t seem like they were short of any fans there. These guys really got the Lost Horizon moving and kept security busy. From start to finish, this band had the crowd on its feet, moshing, and being all around wild. The Color Morale were definitely ready to get on this tour and show Nothing More fans they have what it takes to hang on the road.

After The Color Morale left the stage and the lights were dimmed, fans knew who was ready to come on stage and close the night. With new drummer Ben Anderson behind the kit, Jonny Mark and Dan came out and jumped right into their song “Christ Copyright”. The best thing about seeing a headlining Nothing More show is that they’re playing a bunch more songs than an opening set. In other words, they play almost their entire self-titled album Nothing More. Unlike most albums these days, Nothing More put out a killer album from start to finish last year and have been riding on it ever since.

The entire night was filled with good vibes and amazing energy from the band and the crowd. With a small venue, the guys in the band were up close and personal with the crowd all night long. One of the best parts of catching a Nothing More show is seeing the amount of fun they have on stage and how happy they are playing for fans. The night wasn’t as smooth as Jonny Hawkins, who’s the lead singer, would have liked it to go though. To start things off, Jonny’s in-ear monitors died on him. Jonny decided to try and play without them, but quickly decided he needed them as he couldn’t hear himself. The blame was placed on the crowd for being too loud according to Jonny, while he laughed and got a backup set. The backup set saved the night for Jonny who almost lost them during the bass solo. While Mark and Dan were on the bass, Jonny sat on the floor looking for his lost monitors. Once he found them though, it was an easy night the rest of the time.

Nothing More ended the night with 3 monster tunes “Jenny”, “This Is The Time (Ballast)” and “Salem (Burn The Witch)”. Every single person in the crowd at the Lost Horizon knew “Jenny” and showed the band that Syracuse loves Nothing More. The crowd knew after the band played “Jenny” that they needed energy for two last songs. When the opening riff for “This Is The Time” started, both levels of the Lost Horizon were on their feet, jumping up and down and pumping their fists in the air. To end the night, Jonny said there would be no wasting time walking off stage making fans wait for an encore. The band told fans they needed everything they had left and in return Nothing More would give them the same. Nothing More ended the night with “Salem” which is the only song they played that evening that was not from their latest album. This tune had everyone in the band playing with drumsticks. Jonny, Mark their guitar player and Dan their bass player all joined Ben on their personal drums to smash along to “Salem”.

With a busy rest of the year touring, Nothing More has their mind set to make a new album at the start of 2016. Fans can look forward to that and Nothing More coming back to the Syracuse area soon.

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