Photo Review: Starset Delivers A Stellar Demonstration In Erie

Unknown to many in attendance for the Breaking Benjamin and 10 Years show at the Erie Insurance Arena in Erie, PA on September 16th, the poster for the event made no mention of the band Starset, who would set the mood for the evening. This was merely because they were a later addition. As the crowd gathered, filling the general admission area of the floor in addition to both of the levels of seating on either side of the venue, they eagerly waited to get the show kicked off with 10 Years. As Starset took the stage, they were met by a large number of blank curious stares. Who is this band?

The band is Starset, a Cinematic Rock Band out of Columbus, Ohio. Consisting of vocalist, Dustin Bates, Bassist Ron DeChant, Guitarist Brock Richards and Drummer Adam Gilbert. Why are they called Cinematic Rock? For starters, their album Transmissions, which is woven with orchestrated interludes, gives the album a soundtrack feel. It’s their on stage performance that is truly out of this world. Not only do they feature two giant LED screens on either side of the set, but also a giant touch screen used to deejay the electronics for the on stage performance. The LED screens play space related content that coincides with the music. If that wasn’t enough, the band members wear space suits, which have recently been fixed with jet packs and masks that feature a variety lights and colors.

As their performance progressed, so did the energy of the crowd. The blank stares that surrounded at the beginning of the night had transformed into enthusiastic shouts among those in the crowd who had began singing along. With each performance, Starset’s fan-base seems to expand. The band’s on stage energy and presence coupled with their symphonic sound and cinematic visualizations captivates and leaves you hungry for more.

Starset is a band with a message. A message commissioned by an organization known as The Starset Society. What is that message? You can read more about by visiting their webpage. Starset’s debut album Transmissions was released in July of 2014 and landed at #49 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart. You can still catch Starset on tour at many announced locations, with additional locations still being added both on their website by looking under “Demonstrations” or via their Facebook page.

Starset Erie setlistFirst Light, Rise and Fall, Down with the Fallen, Halo, Telescope, Carnivore, The Future is Now, My Demons

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