Stellar Young: Unassuming Kings of Lark Fest 2015

Navigating through the crowd on Lark Street during Saturday’s LarkFEST festivities was a real challenge, but a welcomed one. A large, enthusiastic, and surprisingly eclectic mix of attendee’s flooded the street, enjoying art, music, food and drinks (a lot of drinks). For patron’s of LarkFEST however, the event is largely about the music. To be more specific, if you were anywhere near the Madison Avenue stage, it was largely about five piece indie rock group Stellar Young, mainstays in the Albany music scene, and their eclectic appeal makes them a perfect headliner for an event like LarkFEST. At their 4 p.m. set, it was standing room only around the Madison Avenue stage. LarkFESTer’s were packed in as far down the street as the eye could see, and we have these guys to thank for that. An energetic crowd sang their song lyrics back to them, danced, and fully engaged in a power hour of Stellar Young.

Stellar Young’s LarkFEST 2015 Setlist: Amity, The Universe Is A Bully, Crumble At The Fault, As You Go, Keep Up, Playing With Guns, Over All Over, The Reunion, Hitting Reset, Animals, Box Of Echoes, Nomad

Encore: We Own Nothing

stellar young lark fest

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