Hearing Aide: Fear Factory ‘Genexus’

FearFactoryGenexusFear Factory returns with its ninth album, Genexus, and this album does not disappoint. It’s absolutely amazing that nine albums in, the band still continues with the same sci-fi theme about the dangers of machines and technology. They sustain that industrial thrash metal sound that parallels their breakthrough album Demanufacture.

One bold move this album did, was the decision of moving away from the drum machine they used on the previous album, The Industrialist, and hired Mike Heller to handle the drums on this album. Dino Cazares handles all the guitars and bass tracks, while Burton C. Bell has laid down all vocals.

The album kicks off with a robotic track “Autonomous Combat System,” which reminds us that this is a Fear Factory album. A real stand out track is “Dielectic” which interestingly enough, uses a little bit of orchestral arrangements throughout the track. That’s really what makes this Fear Factory album stand out. We are used to hearing program arrangements, synthesizers, keyboards, and other electric sounds in almost every Fear Factory album, but this album continues that tradition, also using orchestral arrangements.

“Soul Hacker” is another killer track on this album, featuring some of the best vocals I Hacker” is another killer track on this album, featuring some of the best vocals you will hear from Bell. Halfway into the album, the title track features more the heavy and fast guitar riffs from Cazares that are so clutch with the double kick drums with synthesizers buried cleverly underneath. “Church Of Execution” has a bizarre and catchy riff that will get stuck in your head. Finally into the tenth track “Expiration Date” is a ballad which is a great way to end this album. It’s not very often Fear Factory graces an album with a ballad. Then this album offers two bonus tracks with “Mandatory Sacrifice” remix and “Enhanced Reality” which adds value to this album.

In conclusion, I do believe this is Fear Factory’s best album since 2001’s Digimortal. Some people may find this album redundant because of the constant theme and sound that Fear Factory has always used, but most people should appreciate all effort that was put into this album because of all the industrial arrangements that is timed out so well with the music. Fear Factory continues the momentum on Genexus and these songs need to be heard live.

Highly recommend the purchase.  You can buy Genexus here.

Key Tracks: Dielectic, Soul Hacker, Church Of Execution, Expiration Date

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