Vince Neil Says Mötley Crüe Not Breaking Up, Just Done Touring

When talking to the Oakland press about the band’s final tour, Vince Neil revealed that the band is not breaking up; band members are just done touring and will still make music in the future.

Vince Neil

Neil stated about the band:

“We’ve never said we were breaking up; we just said we’re not touring anymore,” he said. “We’re gonna be definitely making more music together for different projects and stuff. But right now we’re really just focused on doing these shows this year and finishing with a bang.”

Neil when talking about the Final Tour:

“This is it. This is gonna be a big year, ending it with three days at the Staples Center, and saying goodbye on New Year’s. That’ll be it. We wanted to go out on top, and we’re doing that.”

“It’s not really gonna hit anybody really hard until that last week, when we’re really saying goodbye in Los Angeles,” he added.

“Saying goodbye in Tokyo after a couple of nights there, it was like, ‘Wow, I’m never gonna be back on this stage doing this with MÖTLEY again. “There’s a finality there. Or Madison Square Garden; I got a little choked up because I know I’m not gonna play Madison Square Garden with MÖTLEY CRÜE again.”

The band is so serious about the Mötley Crüe name never touring again that they had their lawyer draw up a “cessation of touring” agreement that goes into effect at the end of 2015. This will stop any member from touring under the band’s name in the future.

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