PhanArt Presents “A World Café Live One” In Philadelphia

World Café Live in Philadelphia will host PhanArt’s “A World Café Live One,” an art exhibition inspired by the music of Phish, on Aug. 12. Show time starts at 11 a.m. and will conclude at 4 p.m. With more than 20 artist appearing at the event, PhanArt and A World Café Live One will surely bring you some of the best Phish-inspired art, with some exclusive pieces available for the Philadelphia and Magnaball shows only.


Admission to the event is free and will act as a warm-up for those who plan to attended the second show of Phish’s two-night stay at The Mann Center for the Performing Arts, which is just a 10 minute walk from World Café Live.

Artists appearing at this one-of-a-kind art show will include Isadora Bullock, The Art of Ryan Kerrigan, Tripp’s Prints, Dr. Wookles, StuPINdous Creations, Jampanties, Setlist Tees, Josean Rivera, Pins by CZ, The Overhead View, Pin Me Down, Graphic Translations, Pinsanity Designs, Fred Sutter, Zenster Designs, S.A.W. Family Creations, Whole Phamily, [Brendan/LoPorto Studios], Blueskaithreads and Dogmatagram Designs. Fans will see a variety of Phish-inspired posters, pins, shirts and unique wears.

The Mockingbird Foundation will debut eight prints from their upcoming book, “The Phish Companion Third Edition.” The foundation has awarded more than 800,000 in grants over the past 15 years for musical education.

San Francisco-based pianist Holly Bowling will play a special performance throughout the show. Each set will feature Phish songs, including a complete rendition of “Tahoe Tweezer,” during the final hour starting at 3 p.m.

If that wasn’t enough for PhanArt fans, a curated beer list of Phish-inspired local craft brews will be on hand and selected by Beeradelphia director Michael Lawrence.

Creator, producer and promoter for the event Pete Mason is the founder of PhanArt as well as the author of PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish. Previous PhanArt exhibitions since 2013 have been held in cities such as Atlantic City, Chicago, Las Vegas and Miami.






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