Binghamton Knows Rock Isn’t Dead Yet Thanks to Tom Keifer

The general public may not know or remember who Tom Keifer is but they do know his music. Keifer has been a stronghold in the rock music scene for over 30 years, as a solo artist and with his band Cinderella.

Keifer and his band made a stop in Binghamton at the recently re-opened Club Eclipse in support of his debut solo album The Way Life Goes.

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The crowd was regrettably on the small side but their excitement and enthusiasm filled the room to its capacity. You could physically feel the energy and excitement from each individual when Keifer and his band busted out on stage playing the bluesy rock Cinderella song “Fallin’ Apart At The Seams”. Keifer kept the crowd captivated by going into “Its Not Enough”, followed by “Different Light” and “Save Me”.

Slowing the set down and switching gears to an acoustic setting, Keifer brought his wife Savannah out to perform with him. She beautifully assisted him (and stole everyones hearts) with songs “Ask Me Yesterday” and “Don’t Know What You Got (Till Its Gone)”.

Tom Keifer performs with his wife, Savannah in Binghamton, NY
Tom Keifer performs with his wife, Savannah in Binghamton, NY

After thanking Savannah for her assistance Keifer took the show up a notch and rounded out the set with fan favorites “Solid Ground”, “Cold Day In Hell”, “Coming Home”, and “It’s Only Rock n’ Roll”.

He also did a fantastic cover of The Beatles’ “With A Little Help From My Friends”. This cover was one of the most memorable songs of the night. It had people hugging and swaying/singing along with their friends that accompanied them that night. Keifer also brought out a few of the band members wives (along with his own) to “help” with the song.

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Keifer undoubtedly appreciated his fans and was truly moved by the audience’s love for him and his music. He personally thanked everyone for their 30-plus years of dedication and for having faith in him while he overcame his vocal chord issues. Toward the end of the show to commemorate the night and his fans there, he brought out his camera and recorded a video clip of the crowd cheering for him. There wasn’t one unsatisfied fan in the venue when the house lights came on at the end of the night.

After the set Keifer graciously came out and greeted fans who were eagerly waiting to meet him. His appearance in Binghamton impressed long time fans and won over a few new young ones for life.

Keifer’s tour in support of The Way Life Goes will continue around North America and the UK through the end of 2015.

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