Pantera To Headline Future Mayhem Festival?

Could Pantera finally reunite and headline a future Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival? Probably not but you never know, but if tour co-founder John Reese had his way it would have happened already Reese said in an interview with Reese even went as far as to saying that he even approached the remaining member’s about the venture.

Mayhem Pantera

Reese stated “I’ve even approached them about doing it. Do I think it’s going to happen? I have no idea. I know that a heavy, heavy tragedy happened and there are some hard feelings, but it’s up to those three dudes to decide if they ever want to do something or not. If they would decide to do I would support it wholeheartedly and I would do whatever I could to be involved. But it’s up to them.”

Still shaken by his brother’s death for over 10 years now. Vinnie Paul has stated “Dime was Pantera,” he as has also stated about the possibility of a reunion “it would never happen and not interested.” Of course frontman Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown are open to the idea even with the bad blood that still remains between Paul and Anselmo. In 2004 Dimebag Darrell was shot and murdered by a fan on stage during the first minute of the first song in the set of a Damage Plan show in Columbus, Ohio.

Pantera released nine studio albums before the band officially broke in 2003.




Mayhem Festival

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