Sean Danielsen Comes to the Forvm

The Forvm was entertained to a wonderful night of rock bands going acoustic Tuesday night. Amherst had a special guest in town. Leader Singer Sean Danielsen was on tour doing his own acoustic music. Most people know him as the front man of the band Smile Empty Soul. I had the pleasure tosit with him before doors open and do a small interview and pick his brain on a few things. He was a down to earth delightful man to talk to.DSC_7382

Before doors opened bands arrived and started unloading all their gear. I had started chatting with the bands on the excitement from going rock to acoustic. All the local bands performing I have seen at least one time, and was very excited to hear them all acoustic. I was very interested to see how the arrangements were going to be.

6pm hit and it was time for doors to open. People filed in one by one and the venue filled up only about quarter of max capacity. Then the first band took the stage, this was Letterbox from Silver Creek New York. They are originally a four piece but they stripped it down to their vocalist Paul and main guitarist Andrew. This is how Letterbox originally started; this is how I knew them from years back. It was just Andrew and Paul. Then later down the line they added their bassist and drummer. Letterbox was a solid opener and played all their greatest hits and even entertained a new song that they have never played in public before.

Second up was John Harris, he treated the audience to originals and covers that everyone knew. This was John’s last show in Buffalo as he is moving to Syracuse in a couple of weeks to pursue his first love, jewelry. John is a full-time custom jewelry maker and does all sorts of charity work with big names such as Seether, and Ever Clear. He takes broken cymbals and creates custom works of art, they go up for auction and the proceeds go to charities. Next up was female fronted band Lost Elysium. There set was great Ashley’s captivating vocals rang clear through the venue. Now the band I was anticipating to see all night, Seven Faces. I have done work for them over the past couple years and have only known them as a hard-hitting in your face rock band. I spoke to drummer Chuck and vocalist Scott prior to the show they explained all the hard work they had put in and how they think this is something that could stick given the circumstances. I was pleasantly surprised to hear their set. It was entrancing and everything I hoped it would be.

Second last up was Christian Lawrence, also known as Opus, and Dead By Wednesday. Sounds little silly but I had the pleasure of talking to him a little bit before the show and had no idea of who he was until he got on stage. One of the most genuine musicians I have met. He sang mostly originals and they were all spectacular. I currently have his acoustic cd in my car and known almost all the lyrics word for word!


Then lastly was Sean Danielsen, if you weren’t there before the doors opened this would have been the first time you seen him. He remained in his trailer all night until five min before he was supposed to be on. I felt bad for Sean, when it was his turn to be on stage I could have counted the number of people on just my fingers and toes. Though the ones who did stay showed him all the love that he could ever need that night. He started off with songs like “Food Chain” and “Waves”. These were singles off his latest album Food Chain. Then he sang the song that made his main band Smile Empty Soul rise to fame. “Bottom Of the Bottle”. Everyone sang along to this song and showed his all the support he could ask for. As he finished his set he went and sat at his merch booth and talked to the small amount of fans that were left and signed a few things for everyone. It was a great performance by everyone that night and all the bands hard work showed in each of their sets. Not one individual left disappointed that night.

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