Hearing Aide: Street Rock Mafia ‘Music is Life’

Street Rock Mafia is an energetic five-piece, funk/rock group with a slippery hip-hop lyrical twist, calling Utica, NY home. Originally formed as a three-piece in early 2014 with Chris Mandry on drums, Anthony “Zee” Donaldson handling the bass, and Anthony “AO” Owens laying down vocals, the band has since welcomed Gabe Oram on electric guitar enhancing their sound dynamically. With just over a year of practicing, playing live, and promoting, these gifted artists have established themselves throughout central new york as the feel good booty-shakin’ live act around.

Street Rock Mafia  2015
Street Rock Mafia

Music is Life is their first EP, featuring five lively tracks from their modest catalog. Recorded at Big Blue North Recording Studio in Utica, S.R.M. utilized their cushion of time to the caress the mood of the album and make sure it was fine tuned. “Are You Living” rockets us into a solid state of awareness with a massive drum and guitar heavy song, asking a serious question to the listeners while pumping its fist in the air. “Bitch Better Have My Money” comes in second on the list, as a teeth grinding forceful request of debt collection. AO presents excellent comedic relief to a story of breaking “the man” down at a past 9-to-5 mundane job. “Milky White Booty” will surely stick in your head for days with it’s pop/funk rhythms and provocative lyrics. The song truly slides into motion when Sam Kininger adds some sexy saxophone melodies that lead into a plateau of feel good energy. Next is the title track called “Music is Life,” holding fast paced verses and grunge chunky choruses, featuring Joe Sweet of Nineball on backup vocals. “Renaissance Man” has Zee introducing the last track with a silky bass line, leading into a funk inspired verse, followed by heart thumping drums and demanding lyrics.

Jim Houle - Street Rock Mafia - EP release Flyer

In whole, the album is fresh and full of life that will continue to move asses and inspire crowds to come. Music is Life will be released at the official release party on April 25, 2015 at Gordon’s Tap Room in Utica. Everyone who contributes to the show will receive a USB with the album on it accompanied by pictures, video, and other goodies. Opening acts for the night will include Glen Street, Masons Revolt, Copper Vein Clones, and award-winning Nineball.

Key Tracks: Milky White Booty & Bitch Better Have My Money

More Information can be found on Facebook for Street Rock Mafia or their reverbnation page.

Check out the video below for “Bitch Better Have My Money”