Zepparella Mesmerized Buffalo with a Tribute to Led Zepplin

On Thursday March 12, 2015 the all-female Led Zepplin tribute band Zepparella left the crowd mesmerized at The Forvm in Amherst , NY.DSC_3783

But before Zepparella took foot on the stage they had local alternative rock band Letter Box open up for them. Front man and founding member Paul Alguire and guitarist Andrew Douglas were the Letter Box Duo until that night. They brought bassist Ian Elder and drummer Ryan Lindfors into the mix for the very first time, and announced that this would be their new line up. Paul had stated this was their first live show together as a full band.  As Letter Box started to play you would have never known that this was their first show together. They had such wonderful chemistry, and all their movements and timing were in synch. Ian and Ryan were just what they needed to complete this band. Letterbox was thoroughly impressive and made a large impression on the crowd. People were lining up for the free Eps they were handing out that night. I hope to see more from this band in the coming months

This was my first time ever seeing them and being a long time Led Zepplin fan I was a little hesitant for what I was about to witness. These girls are not only beautiful but they had the talent and pipes to pull off Led Zepplin with their own twist to perfection. The attendance for this show was phenomenal. The fan base was very diverse that night. There were individuals in their best attire to hard-core fans in their Led Zeppelin concert T-shirts with their frizzy ’80s hair-do. No matter what walk you were from, that night they all united and sang along as front women Noelle Doughty nailed every last note.

As the band played classics such as Dazed and Confused, and Ten Years gone. Drummer and founding member Clementine had her own drum solo for a solid five minutes and you could sense and hear that John Bonham was her biggest drumming influence. Once her hard-hitting intricate solo finished the band came together and finished off the evening with a three more songs. After all was said and done they met fans back and their merch table and took the time to talk to everyone and sign photos and take pictures. All in all this was a very impressive showing of what this examiner calls one of the best Zeppelin tribute bands around.


If you missed this show, you really missed a good one. You won’t want to miss the next time these ladies come back to rock the Buffalo area, or it surly will be your loss again.

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