Caustic Method signs with Pavement Entertainment

It has been a long road for NY natives Caustic Method. The band has been traveling the state for over a decade working their way into the hearts of metal fans. Their dedication and hard work finally paid off as they have signed a record deal with Pavement Entertainment. They will be joining artists such as Soil, Smile Empty Soul, and Tantric on the label.



Matt Caustic, Darin Scott, Eric Maliszweski, and Angel Rivera will be touring for the remainder of the year, kicking off in Chicago March 20 in support of their new album. Expected to be released June 2 – the album will contain songs from their latest EP “The Virus” as well as a mixture of old and new Caustic Method hits. Vocalist Caustic explains the bands optimism about this next step in their career:

This year should be the year that really puts us on the national metal map. We are definitely surrounded by the best people in the business and have a very loyal legion behind us that have our backs and champing for our success. With that formula of support we are super optimistic as the next chapter unfolds.

This band has truly earned their success. When asked what his advice they would give to the next generation of metal bands Caustic says:

Think as a brand and a business. Took me a long time to make the break between art and commerce. That’s only if you want to make a career out of this. If not just play and have fun. You never know what might come out of it. If you’re good, good things will follow.

So here is to the good things that follow. Stay tuned metal fans, The Virus outbreak begins!


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