Joe Nichols Brings Country to Keg’s Canal Side

Keg’s Canal Side hosted a country party featuring  Joe Nichols. With a packed house and great entertainment, the below freezing temps didn’t seem to matter. Sam Grow took the stage before Joe Nichols and got the party started. Performing to the rowdy crowd seemed to just add to Sam’s excitement and the crowd was more than willing to share their love for country music with Sam as he opened the show.

Joe Nichols-Kricher

Joe Nichols brought his humble yet charismatic persona to the stage and the fans couldn’t contain themselves. From the moment the band played their first note the fans were engaged and enjoyed the fun to be had by all.  Performing hit songs “Tequila Make Her Clothes Come Off” and  “Sunny and 75” the entire place sang along. Of course Joe had to add to the fun with his version of country rap while he performed  “Big Butts”.

The fans just couldn’t get enough. After leaving the stage at the end of their set, the fans cheered until he and the band came back and performed two more hit songs.

I look forward to several more shows as Keg’s Canal Side in Jordan, New York. The staff was amazing and very attentive to all patrons. With the nice weather, they will host a number of acts at their new outdoor stage.


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