Asleep at the Wheel Spring Albany out of Winter

Asleep at the Wheel pulled into The Egg along with openers The Quebe Sisters on Sunday night as the city began to thaw from its terrible winter. The groups seemed to not only bring nice weather with them, but they played some scorching hot “Texas swing” for the enraptured crowd. Having this wonderful genre of music played in such a great venue is a treat for Upstate New York, as it’s a rarity for it come around here. To make the evening even better, there was plenty of comedy coming from the stage from both bands throughout their performances.

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First up were The Quebe Sisters, Grace,, Sohpia, and Hulda, whom all laid down some amazing fiddle work along with beautiful harmonies. The sisters were joined by Katy and Penny Clark who continuously traded instruments throughout the show including mandolin, piano, guitar, and banjo. The sound that was being made by these amazing women on stage could have been taken from a radio from the 50’s or right off the stage at The Grand Ole Opry. Their set went by in a flash, like their hands playing various instruments, and the crowd gave the ladies a standing ovation as they exited the stage.

Asleep at the Wheel strode on stage in all of their glory shortly after and took The Egg to the heart of Texas very quickly. 45 years on the road has not slowed the band down one note. Playing some great tunes like “Route 66”, “Big Balls in Cowtown” and “Miles and Miles in Texas” let the crowd hoot, holler, stomp their feet, and sing along. Throughout the night they paid tribute to Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys and they did a great job honoring the king of Texas swing, as they do on their latest guest filled album Still the King.

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Ray Benson is of course the focal point of the band as he has been there since the beginning and he tells some great stories throughout the show, but everyone else was just as amazing. Eddie Rivers blew the crowd away throughout the night on the steel guitar, while Katie Shore did the same on fiddle. Emily Gimble’s hand flew on the piano and her voice was soaring over the crowd. Dave Sanger and Dave Miller on drums and bass respectively kept the train rolling all night. After the show was over, both bands were out in the lobby meeting and signing things for the audience. Hopefully more old-school country can come throughout New York State to keep us warm throughout the whole year.

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