Tumbleweed Highway Brings the Boogie to Funk N Waffles Downtown.

Funk N Waffles Downtown is a special place to visit, not only for the delectable combinations of waffles and appetizers, but for the variation of live music they choose to have entertain their guests. This past Sunday evening, they hosted Tumbleweed Highway, a southern rock band with an old school twang, hailing from Norwich, NY.

Jim Houle - Tumbleweed Highway-17

Tumbleweed Highway brings home-grown country to the stage and pumps it full of energy, yet stays consistent with maintaining the authentic mood of what country is all about. With a humble five piece band and four-part harmony, a wide array of classic songs can and will be covered on any given night. This particular show was no exception. The group performed a vast amount of originals including “Break My Heart,” “Another Day,” “Western Winds,” and even treated their audience to “Diesel in the morning” from their soon to be released album this May.

Jim Houle - Tumbleweed Highway-1

The lavish rhythmic backbone of the this group consists of Steve O’Connell on drums, Dennis Walrath on stand up & electric bass, and Uncle Nobby on acoustic guitar. Each song is bound together so beautifully, that it allows Patrick Strain on pedal steel to create a melodic resonance underneath Nate Gross and his seductive electric guitar solos. There is no doubt these five gentlemen know how to set whatever mood they feel is right, when they feel it’s necessary.

Jim Houle - Tumbleweed Highway-7

With a busy schedule of touring and making a new album ahead, they have set aside time to boogie woogie in our beloved city of Syracuse, yet again. You can find them performing at festivals, theaters, and bars all over the Northeast coast, opening for bands such as Donna the Buffalo, Driftwood, and Dickey Betts to name a few. Look for them in a town near you and when you see that 34” drum on stage, you’ve found Tumbleweed Highway.


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