Hearing Aid: Dank: ‘Dank’

dank-album-coverDank (formerly Dank Sinatra) are currently touring in support of their most recent self-titled release Dank, which was released in early February 2015. Currently, the band is touring heavily through the south and spreading their new music across to a vast array of new audiences.

The new album marks a new level of maturity and musical craftsmanship as the band has dipped into new terrain featuring a plethora of new age synth space effects. Staying true to their roots, the band demonstrates plenty of intense guitar solos wrapped around their powerful lyrics. Dank are products of the south and their music is inspired with deep southern rock and roll roots. Hailing from Atlanta, Dank works well at crafting clever melodies around catchy hooks while still leaving so much to be explored.

Opening up with “Crash The Door” the band is patient letting an ambient sound build and develop before dropping into an upbeat and moving groove. The simplicity behind the music and the soft drumming makes way for the lyrics to make a solid impact. The energy is very much alive as the band powers through the last part of the song with precision. The first track on the album is a great example of the band’s fearlessness approach to trying something different. With great musical risks comes a great reward and “Crash The Door” is a great example of the band successfully breaking through to something different and unique.

Continuing with the upbeat tone of the first track, Dank pushes on with “Nobody Home” which showcases the intricacy between Jimmy Bones and Joe Gaines on guitar. “Gold Blues” is where the band’s southern chops out in a thick and gritty blues time signature. Matt Henderson really shines on the keys and wastes no time opening the music up. The album is full of highlights but one of the best compositions Dank has to offer is a number called “80’s Dude.” The music flows very well and keeps a consistent tone before it drops off at about two and half minutes in. The band breaks through with a deep exploration of a synth-based jam, which features Josh Birmingham commanding the drum kit before the vocals come back in.

It seems a commanding force is driving the band and their willingness to explore new terrain will surely translate in the live atmosphere. With gigs booked through the end of March, Dank will continue to spread their unique musical vision across the south and the southeast.


Key Tracks: “80’s Dude,” “Gold Blues,” “Crash The Door”

Check out an incredible pro-shot version of “Gold Blues” here.


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