Hearing Aide: Driftwood’s Self-Titled Debut

driftwoodWhether you enjoy the whimsical melodies of folk music, or the boot-stomping, heart-pumping beats of rock ‘n’ roll, Driftwood’s first full-length album has a little something for everyone.  Hailing from Binghamton, New York, the band’s ability to glue together a small piece of every genre is remarkable.

As a whole, the self-titled album Driftwood manages to paint very descriptive, colorful narratives of lessons and stories that unfold seamlessly.  From the first few seconds of the first song, “High School Paycheck” listeners can glide along through a story ultimately about the sum of our days not being comparable to the amount of money earned.  It’s a sentiment that people of all walks of life can relate to, and the listener’s journey has only just begun.

The softness of the first track should not be a reflection of what Driftwood manages to accomplish with the rest of the album. The second song, “The Sun’s Going Down” hits hard and heavy.  We are encouraged to go along on the ride with them, listening close to their words and physically feeling what it is they are trying to convey.  The rest of the album continues to raise the bar.  “The Carburetor and the Steam Engine” slowly creeps up to a powerful peak of emotions and is followed by simple, yet soul tingliging lullabies such as “Outer Space.”  Claire Byrne’s powerful ode “Before I Rust” could make anyone weak in the knees, as can her delicate and expressive fiddle playing. Combined with Joey Arcuri’s passionate bass lines, Dan Forsyth’s revelatory voice and Joe Kollar’s unique style of banjo, the four-piece has it all.  Their spot-on harmonies and attention to detail round out the album like a classic novel, with heartfelt finality and precise conclusion.  Driftwood’s collective songwriting skills are honed by the classics in music, and given their fire from the rock ‘n’ roll of our parents’ generation. When assembled, the words and melodies are nothing short of a masterpiece.

Key Tracks: The Carburetor and the Steam Engine, Before I Rust, Buffalo Street

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