Hearing Aide: Eastbound Jesus ‘Ruff Stuff Nuff Said’

ruffstuff1On Saturday December 6, Parish Public House and Guthrie Bell Productions will host the North Country Rock band known as Eastbound Jesus for the release of their fourth album, Ruff Stuff Nuff Said. This is Eastbound Jesus’ first live album, recorded at Parish Public House back on January 31 and February 1, 2014, when it was still known as Red Square. They recorded over 40 songs from that weekend and picked the top 14 songs to create the fun loving, foot stomping Eastbound Jesus show experience.

Ruff Stuff Nuff Said was worth the wait for the crisp professional sound alone. Knowing firsthand how smothering the sound can be in Parish Public House, especially with more than a few enthusiastic fans, the album has a great balance of vocals, instruments and cheers. With a “take it or leave it” attitude, much like the musicians themselves, Ruff Stuff gives fair warning to listeners of the stripped honesty and raw energy of their live shows. The album starts with “I Wouldn’t Know”, a slow building melody that erupts with continuous peaks of banjo and guitar plucking with a mighty chorus, the foundation for most of their songs and it works every time. Showcasing EBJ’s ability to convey their unique sound as well as a few crowd pleasing covers, one of the top tracks is the Grateful Dead’s “Turn on Your Lovelight” jam that grows out of “Don’t Use It Much” when joined by trombonist Bryan Brundige and keyboardist Tony Meier. You can actual feel the venue start to get dizzy with the ferocious melody. From soft country ballads to rebellious swamp rock, Ruff Stuff Nuff Said provides light to why it’s no wonder EBJ has such a dedicated, rowdy fanbase that can relate to their Upstate sound and everyday themed lyrics about the weather, drinking and authority.

Key Tracks: 54 Miles, Don’t Use It Much, Where The Winter Goes

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Doors for the show on Saturday open at 8 with backwoods rockers Lucid set to kick off the night around 9. Tickets will be available at the door for $12 but you can secure yours today online for $10. Eastbound Jesus shows have a reputation for being sold out events, making this coming one no different. Red Square recently underwent a full upgrade to become Parish Public House, the same music venue we love with the addition of a full Louisiana eatery and drinkery. Their menu makes it a smart decision to get there early with items like the various po boys, alligator bites, gumbo, burgers and more Cajun delights. Eastbound Jesus has recently announced that they will be taking some time off for some desired studio time. So be sure to pick up your copy of Ruff Stuff Nuff Said to help you survive the winter and come out to the show this Saturday!

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